Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Confess…

When I said Cupid brought these lovely pieces of wool…I’m afraid I was playin’ with you…

And NO hubby did not buy them for me…BUT he DID drive me to the Hemet Quilt Show and then gave me 1 1/2 hours to peruse the show…which is where I bought these lovely pieces of Moda Wool!P1170267

Now the Hemet Quilt Show is one of my favourite shows…for one thing it is just the right side…you don’t glaze over from having too much visual stimulation…ie too many booths!  They have the perfect number of vendors…because by the time you get to the main hall, which is where all the venders are, you have already spent ALL your money…which is what happened in my case!

The Hemet QS ‘Boutique’ is the first place I went.  It is a large hall FULL of second hand quilting STUFF…crammed onto tables and in racks.  The lady in front of me took one look and said this was not for her!  I said “EUREKA!!  Let me at it!!”

Lots of loot to dig through…and dig I did…I found this lovely pile of wool in a box under a table…yes I won’t deny it!  I was on my belly under the tables…and struck GOLD!!  It was marked at $1 a piece which if you don’t buy wool, may sound like a lot, but it isn’t!  You would pay at least $5 or more for each piece of Moda wool in this size (6”X14”) at a wool shop.  And just look at these wonderful colours…SCORE!


And then I went through boxes and boxes and boxes of used Quilting Books…

These are the ones that ‘followed’ me home~

This book on Quilting is going to turn me into the Free Motion Quilter that I dream about become…yup, this little number is going to do the trick..I JUST KNOW IT!!

P1170281 - Copy

This little Apple Core book got my pulse racing!!  It even came with it’s own Plexiglas template!  And for only $1!!  SCORE!!

P1170282 - Copy

I LOVE the quilt on the cover of this book…and I suspect that I may already have this one at home…but what could I do??  I MIGHT NOT have it at home…and if I DO have it already, then you know what I am going to do…Have a GIVE AWAY!!  We all SCORE!!

P1170283 - Copy

There are some VERY sweet quilts in this book…

P1170284 - Copy

And this Jenny Beyer book is going to MAKE me so much smarter…I will be able to dazzle you with my knowledge…:)



This book is FULL of iron on transfers of the Cutest Christmas motifs…perfect for stitcheries or WOOL PROJECTS!!


Can’t you see him on a wool penny….


This book is FULL of the sweetest snowmen…


AND tons of borders…I love embroidered borders…just kicks a quilt up a notch!


Can’t you just see it now??  Merry Christmas or Joy to the World stitched all around the quilt…LOVE IT!!


Yup…I have run out of room and I can’t even show you the fabric that I ‘found’!!  …Does anyone know how to get floor stains out of my good white blouse…??  Next year I am wearing my sweats…

              val sew cal


Hey, it the FOURTH DAY of the Sew Cal Gal’s GO! Ahead and Show Some Love BLOG HOP!!  Today is Alicia and  Marjorie’s turn!!  I can’t wait to see what they have waiting for us!!  Go down the list and find today’s date and click on their blog to go have a look!  You might want to visit any that you may have missed too!  Lots to see and do…and PRIZES to be WON!!

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Today there is Yoga in the Clubhouse and then at 1 o’clock a Fashion Show…don’t worry I will TRY to stay above the tables…but if there are boxes…well…let’s just say, I’m not making any promises…

Have a thrilling Thursday..and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I'd say it was well worth it to get stains on your good white blouse to find all that BEAUTIFUL wool Paulette! And that Christmas stitching book is the cutest. You sure know how to find the good stuff ( and I KNOW you spend a lot of time looking)!

  2. You find the best deals. With all the money you saved you can buy a new blouse!

  3. I remember your haul from the last Hemet show - you are a world class shopper!! And I'm SO jealous!

  4. I admit it, I'm totally jealous! Especially over Heartfelt Christmas! Blessings, Marlene

  5. What a haul, lucky you! After all the money saved, you can buy a new blouse. The wool is great, what a find.

  6. I vote buy a new blouse! Nice wools that was a bargin!

    Carolyn :)

  7. Resolve should take out the stains on your Blouse. Way to go for the good stuff! Nice of the DH to drive you there. your Books are tempting for sure...

  8. Lots of great finds, love that wool, I would have grabbed it too;)


  9. WooHoo you did make a haul..Good for you. It was worth the blouse.

    Thanks for sharing.. and I am sorry about the drool I put on your wool.

  10. All I can say is WOW...some days are just wonderful!

  11. Wow Paulette, you know how to shop!:) Love your gorgeous wool bush!! The books look wonderful too- I too would be excited! Can't wait to see what you think of Back to Charm School. Have a great weekend!:)

  12. Wow! You stuck it rich with the wool! I"m jealous. I thought of you last week in Bishop when I went to Sierra Cottons and Wools and decided to branch out into wools. I picked up 2 kits and signed up for a BOM - all wool. I did a post about it on my stitching blog. I might be asking you some questions now and then as I sit down and teach myself how to do this!

  13. You find the best deals. With all the money you saved you can buy a new blouse! Jan

  14. I vote buy a new blouse! Nice wools that was a bargin! Carolyn :)