Friday, February 10, 2012

The Hive was Buzzzzzzing…..

..this week in the Clubhouse!!  Everyone was focussed on their task…well almost everyone…there is always a lot of visiting from table to table…but everyone was busy MOST of the time!P1170136 - Copy

If you own this book, ‘Pennies From Heaven’ by Gretchen Gibbons, then you are one lucky Wooly!!  This is a GOOD ONE!!

P1170142 - Copy

One of our drop-in visitors was working on the cover quilt and was busy putting together the blocks…

P1170137 - Copy

Very pretty…and love the background fabric that she picked!

P1170138 - Copy

What REALLY impressed me about the book was the additional info on the project…LIKE THIS!  This was provided for each block, along with a FULL page of pictures of the colours for each piece of wool!!  WOW!!  I’ve never seen this before!!

P1170140 - Copy

Chris whipped this off her sleeping hubby and brought it along for some Show and Tell!!  She made it extra cozy for her and her hubby to use in their motorhome…for those cold desert night!

Just look at this beauty…and the quilt is nice too!!  (That Chris is quite the character…in a wonderful way!  To know her is to love her!!)

P1170143Wish you could reach into the screen and feel how soft this quilt is…


AND it’s all hand quilted with teeny tiny stitches!  Gorgeous!


Anne put the binding on this lovely little wall hanging…she didn’t have the pattern with her so I don’t know the name of it…sorry!!


Tah-DAH!!  Seattle Judy finished her Civil War quilt…fabric and pattern bought at our last trip to The Calico Horse!!  Isn’t it STUNNING!!


Judy…telling me not to take her picture…so I didn’t…


…Instead I took a close-up so that you could SEE the wonderful fabrics in this quilt!!  This is SEW on my Bucket List!!


Kim whipped up this little beauty out of SCRAPS…why don’t my scraps look like THIS??


Kim also tossed together this little charmer…for a gift!!  VERY sweet!



Now that Kim’s company has gone, she has got back her MoJo…She is now working on this wonderful Easter Runner…


…and will be adding these sweet buttons as special effects later…


LOVE Anne’s newest creations!!  Is this not the cutest wall hanging EVER!!  DANG cute!


I have got to keep my eye open for this book by Kim Schaefer!  It’s a keeper!


Our little WOOLY (Gwen) sat quietly stitching on her latest creation!  After stitching down each piece, she would Show and Tell…she was just so pleased with each new addition…AS SHE SHOULD BE!! 


Another dang cute penny…this one is going to be for SPRING!!


Gwen found the pattern in her American Patchwork Magazine…darn it’s blurry…but I think it’s in the April 2003 or 2008 issue? 


SEW another busy week…

Some good news and some sad…Chris left for Yuma…and Kim leaves this week for some place in Arizona… :( sigh…BUT the good New is..Pauline arrives on the 14th…and Chris will be back sometime in March!! 

Guess it’s getting to be that time of year!  Only SIX more weeks until we head’er home…Mixed feelings on that one!  Good because I miss my family, home, friends, quilting buddies…and sad because I will be leaving these wonderful ladies behind…plus the sun…and the sand…and the shops…and the FUN! {{ SLAP ME!! }} I STILL have SIX MORE WEEKS!!  Start the music…let the fun CONTINUE!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. much to love...the ants however top the chart! =) What a great summer quilt. =)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That does it. I am buying a trailer and coming to your winter park and joining in on the fun. How did you get so many quilters in one park?

  3. Great show and share and where did that time go, only six weeks left.

  4. What an amazing selection, thank you for letting in for a visit. :)
    Those ants take the cake,umm water-melon! Those ants take the cake...
    umm watermelon!!


  5. Thanks for the wonderful clubhouse quilt tour again, and also the close up of Seattle Judy's gorgeous repro quilt. I haven't started mine yet, just have to finish a couple of small quilts (Pink Lemonaid) and then it is full steam ahead. I've already pulled most of the beige fabrics. Hard to believe you only have six weeks left. Hope the sun follows you home.

  6. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous quilts! It looks like you are all having such a great time!

  7. I also love the ants and the watermelon. I have the patterns and they are on my to do list. You can get it on sale at for $10. I'm's snowing here and 23 degrees. I could so easily be a snowbird!

  8. I have been tempted to get that book too, love the cover quilt. I just realized that the store that was having a sale today, had copies of that, dumb me.


  9. I can't help but comment again how wonderful it must be to have the Clubhouse to meet it. It's so big, light, and airy. Love the projects you've featured today. Especially the Civil War quilt that Seattle Judy just finished.

  10. Love that apple wall hanging - love Judy's quilt - love the pennies from heaven - love it all!!! I guess I just love your clubhouse posts, and seeing what everyone is up to!

  11. did you feel the 'slap up the side of the head?'..dark and rainy here..what are you thinking?..enjoy the sunshine!..geesh!!

  12. Man there is always so much inspiration from the Clubhouse - that civil war quilt tho topped my list - LOVE IT. Beautiful projects from everyone :).

    Hugs - Karen

  13. Obrigada por compartilhar peças tão linda.,parabéns.