Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coming Unglued…

…is the secret to making these hexagons! 


I wanted a fabric glue that holds the edges of the hexagons down long enough to stitch the hexagons together and then be able to lift up the glued edges for easy removal of the mylar template.  Am I asking for too much??  Is there a product on the market that can do this??

I put ‘er to the test!!  I took two glue products…Sewline Glue Pen and Lapel Glue and did a test…P1170451The Sewline Glue Pen did a great job of gluing down the edges…no mess either!!  Love the small tip!


The Lapel Stick also did a great job of gluing down the edges…a little messier as the stick is fatter…but we can live with a little mess…after all creating is MESSY work…or sew I tell my hubby!!:)  I put an ‘L’ on the mylar template to indicate that this was glued by the Lapel Stick…P1170297

I know that you are ALL sitting on the edge of your seats wondering which one came unglued better…???  You know that these heavy duty Mylar templates HAVE got to be removed!

Here’s the proof…all of the centre ones have had the mylar removed…see the frayed blue one in the middle…it was glued using a Lapel Stick…what a mess!!


See this other blue hexagon…it was another Lapel stick hexagon too…this one was almost impossible to remove! 


The Sewline Glue Pen hexagons were MUCH easier to remove…run a butter knife under and it came right up!  Sometimes it popped out on it’s own!

So my hexagon quilt is growing…


And I am going with the Sewline Glue Pen…and just a little dab will do ya’…a VERY small dab!P1170301-1 - Copy

I’m saving the Lapel Stick for when I want to glue fabric to fabric and I want a REALLY good hold!  In fact, it would be perfect for a quick hem job…or to hold fabrics together before stitching.

So there you have it!!  I really did come UNGLUED!!…and thanks to Sewline I think I will come UNGLUED tonight too!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Is glueing easier than sewing? I'll bet it is quicker taking it out...instead of cutting and pulling the thread out....

    Have you tried it on the paper templates.....

  2. Thanks for sharing the info. I just love your reviews. You are wonderful at keeping us all informed. Thank you again.

  3. yaaa for sewline glue pen! I 'basted' 60 one-inch hexies last night with my sewline - in about a half an hour! More time allotted to stitch them together!

  4. Good to know! thanks for checking them out for us!!

  5. Thanks Paulette

    I have both the mylar templates and the Sewline pen.

    I've also seen where you just take a sewing stitch in each of the corner and then jump to the next corner. I've heard that also seems to work well.

  6. Will be looking for the Sewline pen.

  7. Totally lost me, no idea why you use paper and glue and sew sideways, lol. I prefer to do things the hard way;)


  8. I think you could get a job in the Betty Crocker test kitchen. You do a good job at unbiased testing.

  9. Great product review. Thanks for the info. Very useful! and I love the hexies :-)

  10. I LOVE my Sewline glue pen, but haven't tried to use it on mylar. Good information. Thank you for doing all the investigative work. You're a gem!!!

  11. Great info Paulette...even for a non quilter. I could have used that to hold a hem on a doll dress I was making yesterday. I was doing some decorative stitching and part of the hem came unfolded. The glue pen would have made a great temporary hold while I was sewing.

  12. Great information...thank you! Blessings, Marlene

  13. Great review... I love the pen too.

  14. What do you use for your wool.

  15. Thanks for the review , I must see if I can get the glue pen , never seen those here .

  16. I might have to try it that way to see if it's faster/easier than the way I do it. I use the mylar templates, but I fold the fabric over one flat side, then fold over the next side, take a small stitch or two where they overlap, fold over the next side, take another small stitch or two where they overlap...etc all the way around. Because the stitches don't go thru to the front, there's no need to pull out basting threads. Just pop out the templates once their whip-stitched together. It's pretty quick and easy. Does that make sense?

  17. I was watching a video on the Quiltmania website using the sewline glue pen and knew I wanted one, much easier than the glue method I've been using. A q-tip and a bottle of glue. Thanks for the additional info.

  18. Paulette , why are you glueing them? If you cut a square, you can stitch it around the shape and then trim the excess.
    That is how I did my flower garden

  19. Hi Paulette!
    I"m participating in the Inchy Hexie Flower swap and I use 2.5 inch squares for 1 inch hexie sides. I hold them down with paperclips, using a heavier paper for my template. then I just tack them down at each fold over. The paperclips keep the fabric from slipping off the template too.
    Take care, Leslie