Friday, February 17, 2012

Day FIVE of Sew Cal Gal’s GO! Blog Hop! and Quilt Show…

Yikes!  ‘Sew Cal Gal’s GO! Ahead and Show Some Love Blog Hop’ is flying by!!

                 val sew cal

Tons of wonderful projects and GIVE AWAYS have been shared…AND it’s not too late to get in on the fun!  You still have plenty of time to visit those quilters involved!!  Today is Sharon and Jacque’s turn…just look for the Red heartbelow and click on their blog names…GO! ahead and have some fun!!

Tomorrow is the LAST day and you know what THAT means!!  It’s my turn…and you DID promise to save that LAST DANCE with me!!

February 13th

February 14th

February 15th

February 16th

February 17thRed heart

February 18th

See you tomorrow…bright and early!  I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on!  Let me give you a clue…it’s red and white and made from the heart…with A LOT of HELP from the GO!

On the Quilting Front~

Let me just share a few pictures of some of the quilts that were on display at the Hemet Quilt Show…man, do these ladies know how to QUILT!!

There is nothing like a Scrappy Quilt to get me hyperventilating and breathing into a paper bag!  LOVED this one!


The workmanship on this quilt was wonderful!!  WOW!! And the judges agree with me!


This WEE Wedding Ring was fabulous!!  I mean really…love Wedding Ring quilts!!.. and then to go and make it small!  Well let me just say that it’s a win, WIN!!  Which is exactly what this quilter DID!


Isn’t this quilt wonderful?!  I have only seen this quilt done as a Redwork Quilt…but it looked fantastic with the coloured pinwheels in the middle!!


This quilt stopped me in my tracks…besides being HUGE, it was STUNNING…and all hand pieced and QUILTED!  The workmanship was sheer perfection!


See isn’t it wonderful….


Go ahead and REALLY look!!  Loved it!


This one reconfirmed my love affair with baskets…I WANT to make this quilt!!


Sigh…I’m in love…


It’s always fun to see this one made up…after all we all watched the progression of this quilt over on Bunny Hill’s Blog!


A wonderful house quilt…lovely border!!  Like looking through a stain glass window!


Yes, the quilters of Hemet, California REALLY know their stuff…and can they quilt!!  I’m not surprised as they have all these wonderful Quilt Shops nearby to inspire them!! 

Stay tuned for PART TWO of the Quilts at Hemet’s Quilt Show…!!

Have a FUN FRIDAY and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love all these quilts. I also was impressed with all the wonderful treasures you found on the 'used' table. You are the best shopper I've ever known!!! I need to follow you around to see how you do it. hehehe

  2. All different fabrics designs look so fabulous.All designs are different.It look fantastic with the colored pinwheels in the middles.

  3. oh sweet P the quilt show was fabulous! thank you for the inspiration!