Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beading in the Clubhouse…

…is winding down...as we now have only THREE members meeting every Monday!  JoAnne, JoAnn and Bernie have all gone on to greener pastures…meaning HOME!  :)

We will continue on in smaller numbers…but it won’t be the same! 

I thought you’d like to see what I crocheted!  You heard me…crocheted…like with a hook, wire and beads!


Maybe it will look better if I put it on black…


I don’t know if I will ever wear it but it is pretty!


These are my two favourite necklaces that I made this year!  My Santa Fe necklace…made from red, turquoise and green rocks which I bought in that area a couple of years ago!!  Love the colours all mixed into a twisted choker!


And this freshwater pearl choker made in the same style…simple and sweet!


On the quilting front…I’m still hand stitching away on this hexagon quilt in the evenings…and it is slowly growing…key word… ‘SLOOOWWWLY’!


There’s lots happening around here in the Palm Springs Area this weekend…the Spring Fling Blog Hop (involving 8 Quilt Shops along the I-10 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and the Palm Spring’s Quilt Show on Friday and Saturday!  SEW if you live in the area make sure you attend!!  Both are ALWAYS fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What pretty necklaces - don't think my hands could handle it but the effect is so lovely!

  2. I have never crocheted with wire. I can remember crocheting necklaces years ago with beads and crochet cotton thread. I forget how I did it. It was quite the rage at the time.
    When are you heading home?

  3. You MUST find an opportunity to wear your crocheted necklaces. They are gorgeous!! I saw you wearing your turquoise necklace and it looked terrific.
    I'm so sad I will miss the Palm Springs quilt show/blog hop. We head home early Thursday morning, so 'that's all folks!'.

  4. Your necklaces are TERRIFIC ! ! ! !
    Great for gifting, also.

    Would love to participate in the quilting goodness going on there.


  5. Great necklaces Paulette,
    I love the crocheted one- was it difficult to do? I think it is very funky...
    You have so much fun being a snow bird-
    We are recovering from the biggest snowstorm of the season- got 16 cm this past weekend. We really can't complain- the weather has been pretty mild by Alberta standards - right around - 5C and here it is the end of February.
    Have a safe journey when you do return.
    Warmest regards,

  6. You've been busy making some beautiful necklaces. I love them all.

  7. The necklaces are beautiful! Where did you purchase the instructions?

    Wear them with pride!


  8. You must wear one of those to at least one of the Quilt Club meetings when you get back!