Saturday, February 4, 2012


Yup, it’s Wool Fever for sure and it seems to me, more and more quilters are catching it!! I wonder if our Quilt Shops back home are catching on to our sickness…or maybe I should say…I wonder if they are cashing in on our sickness by stocking the cupboards with wool?!! If they only knew our weaknesses, they could make a killing!

Here’s Claire’s latest woolie mat… ‘Dress Me Up Frosty’ by Nutmeg Hare..and I really think that THIS ONE is my far…


It is very sweet…

Let’s zoom in for a close-up…just look at this hand dyed wool…and Frosty’s scarf!!  It looks SEW real!  I love the way Claire used wool threads when stitching this!!  VERY NICE!!


Do you see how wool threads just melt into the wool fabric…you can’t even see the stitches at all!


Yes, this is another masterpiece for Claire! Thanks for sharing, Claire!

dress me up frosty1

I heard from Fiesta yesterday and she sent us the LINKS for TWO Cathedral Window Tutorials!!  Thanks SEW much, Fiesta!!  You can find ONE HERE and the other HERE on Fiesta’ Blog!  And speaking of BLOGS, Fiesta has a wonderful blog chalk FULL of eye candy!!  Check it out HERE!  SEW much to SEE…SEW much to DO!!

AND thanks to Karen from Log Cabin Quilting…for alerting us to the FREE BOM over at bdieges designs Blog…it’s called Oma’s Cupboard.  The first block is an applique block of a teapot and roses.  Block TWO will be out in a few days.  This quilt has the potential to be something great!!  Keep checking back!!

Yikes is it Saturday AGAIN?  Well that week went  fast!!  AND WHAT?  It’s FEBRUARY?!!  Sheesh!   What happened to January?  Is it just ME or is time flying…guess that explains how I got to be SEW darn old!!:) 

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Hi!
    What wonderful wool applique by Claire! I love that pattern!
    Glad you are enjoying your days, that is what makes them fly by!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Wow!! That is question; do you use the Go cutter for wool? I've never worked with wool, but this is too cute to miss out on,,lol

  3. I love wool and that is such a cute pattern!

  4. I've already caught the wool fever Paulette, but haven't been so lucky as to try working with wool thread. Next project maybe..

  5. These wool mats are a lovely idea. This looks great. Love the design!