Monday, February 13, 2012

“GO! Ahead and Show A little Love” BLOG HOP

This is SEW CAL GAL’S week to ‘GO! Ahead and Show Some Love BLOG HOP’…That’s LOVE towards our AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Machines!! 


Thirteen AccuQuilt GO! Lovers have joined forces…starting TODAY…and for the rest of the week…you can visit the following blogs…Hopefully see some tutorials, get some inspiration, learn some tips and tricks and maybe even WIN a prize!  Oh and did I mention FUN…Yup, there will be plenty of that too!!

February 13th

February 14th

February 15th

February 16th

February 17th

February 18th


Sew hurry over to Ariane and  Marjorie’s and see what they have for us!!  Let the GO! PARTY begin!! 

Do you see who is at the bottom of that list?…ME!!  I’m on February 18th…sew dig those dancing shoes out of the closet and dust them off!!  REMEMBER to come back and save the LAST DANCE for ME…!!

BEFORE YOU GO! have a look at what I’ve been up to on the Quilting Front~

Yesterday I just didn’t have the energy to haul out the table, the sewing machine, ironing board and cutting mat.. and all the rest of my sewing paraphernalia to work on the Wee Baskets… so instead I got out this package of of Mylar Hexagons Templates.P1170304

I found this package of Mylar Hexagons at Mimi’s Fabrics, a Quilt Shop in Yucca Valley..It was in their half price basket!  You know me…if the price is right then let’s give it a whirl!!  So I was mulling over these Mylar plastic hexagons and this Sewline glue pen…and the Hexagon GO!…how could I team them all up and make them work for me and this project!


So I experimented…I got out this package of Charm Squares which I bought at the Primitive Gather booth at last year’s Road to CA.


I cut out about 30 5” Hexagon shapes using the Accuquilt GO! and the hexagon die…(I only cut out 30 as I was just experimenting…)


I was jumping up and down when I put the Mylar template on top of the cut out hexagon…do you see how there is 1/2” of fabric framing the plastic template?  Eureka!! PERFECT!!


Using the Sewline Glue Pen I glued the edges over the plastic…


Just a little dab with do ya’…see the dots of blue…that’s the glue!!  It dries clear but I love how it shows up blue on the fabric!  Fold it over…


And presto…done!! 


I glued all 25…(the package contained 25 plastic hexagons)


Stitch them together…


I put the Grammys on TV and kept stitching…


And by the end of the evening Adele had her truck load of Grammys and I had the beginning of a hexagon quilt!!  “I’d like to thank my GO! machine, the Sewline Glue Pen and these wonderful Mylar Hexagons for making my hexagon quilt a reality!!  I would also like to thank my mom for making me the sewer that I am today…my husband…for driving me around to quilt shops (so that I could buy my supplies), my family …for all those generous gift cards to QS (keep them coming)…and of course my dogs…for all their ‘help’ and my agent for…do you think I need an agent?”

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a wonderful gift you have of combining the tools of the trade. How big will you be making your hexagon quilt?

  2. Look at you - wow! Busy, busy hands make for a happy, happy heart.

    I'll be your agent!!!

  3. You will need an agent soon if you keep popping out all of those hexies! What fun Paulette. Aren't hexies addicting?

  4. I use the sewline glue pen for the basting on my hexagon quilt too! Although I use paper templates so I can fold them as I'm sewing them together - do you find the plastic one's hard to work with?

  5. Nah, you don't need an agent. I think you are doing great just as you are. Your hexies are beautiful!!

  6. You really came through with those hexagons...I'll be your agent...can you fly me to sunny Arizona? Love your blog shared so many neat ideas!

  7. You always keep busy- that's why you're so talented! Love your hexies- will make a beautiful quilt!:)

  8. I'll save the last dance for you, lol! Lovely hexagons, you sure make it look easy...

  9. How neat to use all of the modern tools to make your hexies! Looks like a fun project!