Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hemet Quilt Show 2012

There is nothing better than whiling away a Sunday morning at a Quilt Show…so pour yourself a coffee and sit back and let me show you some more of Hemet’s finest~

I thought this quilt was interesting…the quilter got to play with her new embroidery machine is my guess…

P1170201 - Copy

And I never get tired of looking at this quilt…gorgeous!

P1170202 - Copy

A simple cross hatch quilting design over the stitchery blocks  was very effective.


And here is a Rabbit Haven quilt…loved seeing this quilt in the show…A little slice of home as the designer, Arlene Neely, lives on Mayne Island (a ferry ride from Victoria).


I love these little rabbit stitcheries…


And it was wonderful to see the Japanese influence in the next few quilts!!  STUNNING!

P1170199 - Copy

Loved the fabrics and the colours in these quilts!

P1170200 - Copy

Very sweet…


The fabric is called Daiwabo and you can find it at Pinwheels Online Shop…gorgeous stuff!!


Here are a few close-ups…


Such a fun quilt!


This quilt was made of yoyos all stitched in rows…very effective.



This picture does not do this quilt justice…and the workmanship was wonderful!!


HERE’S MY QUILT!!  No I didn’t MAKE it BUT it has been on my Bucket List for a LONG time…I have the book that this pattern is in, I have the fabric…and it’s all waiting for me at home…Yup, my goal is to make this baby in 2012!!  You heard me!  Love this quilt!


Very sweet!P1170244

Wouldn’t this one be nice done up in wools…It’s a beauty!!


A Civil War quilt always makes my heart sing…and this one made it break out in full chorus!!  STUNNING!!  This is the pattern that Chris was working on last year in the Clubhouse!! Magnificent …and so happy the judges agreed!P1170246

A Winding Way quilt done in greens and beige…very nice!


A lovely needle turned applique quilt…wonder how many leaves are on this quilt?…OUCH!!  But SEW worth it!!


This quilt warrants a closer look…nice, eh?!


Loved this scrappy quilt…P1170251

And this one took my breath away!!  STUNNING!!


The quilters of Hemet were honouring this woman…darn…I forget her name!!  I even wrote it down…and can’t find where I jotted it down!!  (A sign of things to come??)  Anyways, this lady is not only a prolific quilter but is an award winning prolific quilter!!  Her workmanship is STUNNING…all hand stitched!!  She had her own booth just to show her quilts…and believe me there were quilts all over this booth…in the back and on the tables in front of her!  Magnificent quilts!


Her quilts filled four tables, some were draped on chairs…plus the two beauties hanging…ALL hand quilted!!P1170255

It was a wonderful way to end the show!!  I always enjoy the Hemet Quilt Show and this one was no exception!!  It’s just the perfect size…not too big, not too small…but just right!!  And the quilts are lovely…and most of them are ‘do-able’…

That Bucket List keeps getting longer…I think all quilters should be given an additional 50 years of life… for good behaviour!  We NEED that additional time SEW that we can put a dent in that old Bucket…

JUST A REMINDER~  I have a GIVE AWAY happening right NOW…HURRY!!  If you would like to win this AccuQuilt Fun Flower Die then please enter HERE!!  I will be randomly picking a winner tonight!!


Good Luck!!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I really enjoyed your show today. It is so inspiring to see such beauties. And I love how you can see a quilt and picture it in wool! You are a true blue woolie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What beautiful quilting and I do love the japanese types, something I want to do myself.


  3. Thank for sharing the Hemet Quilt Show with us. All the quilts are awesome....simply gorgeous. I do luv the Rabbit Haven patterns....I've asked my LQS owner if she would order Arlene's patterns..she has contacted Arlene and now just has to place her order....can't wait for them to arrive in Michigan. Thanks for sharing and the continued inspiration I get from your blog...(o:

  4. Thanks for sharing your quilt pictures! I am head-over-heels in love with that stocking quilt! Do you know the name of it? Thanks so much!

  5. What a bunch of gorgeous quilts. I am totally amazed that woman does all hand quilting. I don't think I would have that kind of patience.

    I just LOVE the snowmen. I've got an entire set of machine embroidery snowmen designs, each with different sayings for the different times of the year or themes like sport verses etc. that could be used to make something very similar. And when I say an entire 'set' of designs, I mean more like an entire collection because this digitizer has been giving a new snowman/snowwoman design each week for going on the second year now every single Saturday. I had hundreds to choose from and no idea exactly how I could put them nicely into some quilts. This one you've shown is a great way to consider. Thank you for showing us. In fact, I could actually cheat and use this huge amount of yardage I bought a few years ago which is white pre-quilted fabric and embroider on that then add a nice backing to cover the embroidery then finish it with binding to make a quick cheater quilt for a new baby.

  6. Thanks for taking us along P and was inspired to see such amazing work again! Had fun and can't wait until we can go again!

  7. Love all the quilts - thanks for sharing.

  8. I loved seeomg all the quilts, thanks so much for sharing. I don't know how you get as much done as you do... between life's daily demands, the beautiful cotton and wool quilting you do, the shopping, the quilt shows, etc. yep you are amazing. Thanks for taking me along.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Sweet Pea. I loved 'em all!!!

  10. oh I specially love the sunbonnet sue's and the pumpkins in that one quilt were to die for! Thank you!

  11. Such gorgeous quilts....thanks for showing us!

  12. I need that charm school book all I do is buy charm packs; if I had the book, I might figure out what to do with them! They take up a lot of room!

    Deb Kerns