Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arts and Quilt Show at The Sands RV Resort

What a lot of FUN ‘work’ it was to set up for this annual event at the Sands!  The Clubhouse quilters and I were all remembering (fondly…and longingly) the Road to California Quilt Show…and fully comprehending and appreciating how much planning and work THAT show must be!  Not that these two shows could be compared…it’s just that you go to a show and never FULLY appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes! 

That being said, what a great show the Artists at the Sands put on!  Let me show you a few of the displays and you be the judge!

Here’s Anne in front of her FABULOUS display…a little mini show all on her own!!  I loved the way she put a little table in front, displaying her pennies and little quilts and then sat and stitched and talked to all the visitors!  Very welcoming!  Makes you want to sit down and stitch right beside her!



And I LOVE Phyllis’ display…looks lovely, don’t you think!


Here’s is Gwen’s table…looks like Gwen is definitely WOOL CRAZY!!  See her newest addition…the little rabbit penny just in time for Spring!!


And just above Gwen’s table, we have Seattle Judy’s STUNNING display…(that CIVIL WAR quilt is calling MY name…loud and clear!!)  Love her quilt!!   And isn’t it wonderful to see the sprinkling of wool pennies here and there…Judy is currently finishing up the Primitive Gathering Pumpkin Penny…one of my favourites!


Here are my quilts!!  So exciting to see them all hanging…and yes, I did finish off the Little Honeycomb table topper from “Back to Charm School”..see way at the bottom!!  Love that little guy!


Even Darlene from “Quilt Daze” got into the show…This little guy was a Christmas gift from Darlene and had been packed in with my Christmas Quilts… so what the heck…too dang cute to leave out!


Karen’s wonderful quilts for her grand kids!!  How can they be anything but THRILLED!!


Alice draped this wonderful Bargello quilt over one of the couches in the hall…looked like it was at home…just needed a body and a good book!P1170421

Love this picture of Sandy…so typical of her…always the comedian!  Here she is thumbing her first little wool penny project…correction…her first stinking cute wool penny!  Is she a WOOL CRAZY yet?  Hmmm…maybe one more project will hook her…we shall see!P1170428

Isn’t it the cutest?  She is going to love bringing this one out for display  next Christmas!


Kim (our quilting dynamo) left last week and Pauline arrived…and all on the same day!!  One quilter in and one quilter out!  Next year we are hoping they are BOTH here at the same time!! 

Here is Pauline..stitching a Charity Quilt…Her runner in front of the TV got a LOT of attention…it is WOVEN strips of fabric and the weave forms the cube design…and it’s REVERSIBLE!!  Very clever!


This is another one of her masterpieces!!  36 patch squares with a shadow box in one corner…very effective!  Those squares are tiny too!


Here are the Monday Clubhouse Beaders…or rather what’s left of the Clubhouse Beaders…JoAnn and Bernie have travelled on to greener pastures…they have gone HOME!:)…leaving behind L to R, Sandy, Me, JoAnne and Diane.  We had a fun year…I dabbled in the beads but these three are die-hard beaders! 


Here’s just a small sampling of their bead work!


This rug was made by Martha…from polyester scraps!!  Loved it!


There was lovely pottery…


And driftwood art….


TONS of painters…here’s Mary and her wonderful work!  Would you believe she is self taught and just picked up the brush three years ago!  Her work is STUNNING!!


Another painter…at least with sewing in the trailer all my hubby has to worry about is a stray pin…or two!!  Imagine oil paints??  Could get ugly!!


LOVED these…lots of talent here!


Several crocheters….


And tons of people came for our little show!!  Including Synthia and her friend!!  Synthia is a Blog ‘lurker’ (and proud of it!! haha)…you may remember that I met her for coffee earlier this year!!  She is such a sweety!!  Anyways I was happy to see her again as she heads for home shortly!  I told her to say HI to Marie…her Blog Lurking friend!  Yes, lurkers seem to come in swarms…or pods…or herds…or schools…or flocks…yes flocks sounds better!  I remember my days as a lurker…and we definitely travelled in flocks…:)


Hope you enjoyed our little show!!  Meet you back here…same time next year?


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Now hop to it…and good luck!!  Be there or be square!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow, Paulette, that's a lot of very neat stuff there! Sorry we weren't there to see it all in person. Thanks for sharing. Stop in Eugene if you're hungry on your way through, and lunch is on me! (Maybe I need a bigger bib?)

  2. Thank you for sharing your fabulous show with us!!!! So much talent represented under one roof.

    I saw the little piece of me, too - teehee!!! You're so sweet.

  3. Beautiful artwork...quilts, rugs, beading and all! How wonderful to hang out with such a group!
    Loved the way the quilts were displayed. Fun to see the quilter along with their art!

  4. I would also like to thank you for sharing the terrific show. Wow you gals are sure creative and talented there! Wish I had know there would be a show. I would have stayed longer in PS this weekend. Maybe next year I can come and see your work in person.

  5. Wow! That's an understatement. All of it is beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Oh, I need to go back and look again!

  6. That is too much fun. I can't imagine all that amazing work coming out of 5th wheels!!! Never mind where you pack all of your supplies. Looks like you've found the best winter park ever.

  7. What a wonderful show and fun for all of you to do together.


  8. Thanks for sharing... a wonderful show. Wish I could have seen it in person! I couldn't pick a favorite.

  9. Wow, so much talent, seems like I only saw 1 "overachiever". Hmmmn who could that be? Everything was gorgeous. Thanks for the show.

  10. who would have thought that there were so many talented quilters and artisans at the Sands!!..hope the show was a resounding success!!

  11. What a talented group and so many things to display. Is it a rule that, if you stay at that campground, you have to be artistic?

  12. What a great place to be. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with all that inspiration. Love the little red Winding Ways quilt..

  13. Mary E sent me. Thank you for a chance to win Back to Charm School, the first book is fabulous.

  14. So many beautiful quilts and hand crafts to look at! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your quilt show was wonderful! So many talented people wintering at The Sands. I'm so happy we were able to come to the show, see your beautiful quilts and visit for a while.

  16. I am SO IMPRESSED! And especially that Darlene got into the show too, lol! Wonderful, wonderful eye candy!

  17. Lots & lots of wonderful talent there!!

  18. What an amazing show. Thanks for taking us in there with you. There seemed to be something for everyone there.

  19. What beautiful quilts they are really lovely, as is the other crafts
    Hugs Janice

  20. how fun! I too love that civil war quilt...I had the pattern, or one that looked like it in my hands this past weekend but put it back!
    When are you heading back home? I know of three quilt shows that are happening three weekends in a row here in Oregon/wa....didn't know if you'd be able to get to them...also, my best friend, Cathy is selling hand dyed wool...she meets on MOnday with a quilt shop here in Oregon who is going to carry her wool! It will not be on your path home but I am so excited for her...also, she will be at one of the quilt shows and her wool is at another quilt shop in Oregon City. Let me know when you are heading thru.


  21. Amazing stuff! You all must be expert packers to get all those beautiful things in your traveling homes.

  22. Thank you for sharing a part of your quilting world with us! Lots of exciting projects to be seen!

  23. It's amazing that soooo many creative souls gravitated to little ole DHS
    Whodda thunk - - - -