Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dyeing on the Desert…

The planets aligned this weekend…making it possible to do some dyeing…(bought a yard of white wool at JoAnn’s SALE on Sunday and I found a great dye pot at a garage sale on Saturday!!) 

I had bought three packages of Cushings Dye last time I was at The Wool Lady’s Shop.  I need lots of blue wool as I want to make ‘Dancing with Flowers’ and The Heart to Hand ‘Snowman Quilt’…so I bought Baby Blue, Blue and Sky Blue Cushing Dye…

The pot was PERFECT for dyeing…heavy and deep…and will become my permanent dye pot (once you have used utensils for dyeing you should always use them for dyeing…just saying this won’t be used for making SOUP!)


Anyways…I had fun…and I’m sure all the other Rvers were wondering what I was doing…but no one asked!


I started off with Baby Blue and ended up with a mix of all three!


This is what I ended up with…LOVE it!!  I still want a more grey blue but will need to start with a light grey wool fabric….  See the blue grey in the left bottom corner?  That started off as a dark grey…now it has a bluish cast to it!  I love the striped blue in the right upper corner..that was originally beige/brown stripes.


I think I liked Cushings better than Gaywool…as Cushings (with a quick dip) makes the fabric more mottled.  Gaywool dye give a more solid dye.


I have got to make out my “Dye Wish List” and return to the Wool Lady Shop!!  See what happens when you start??  I predict that this pot is going to be seeing a lot of action!


I also added a touch of Citric Acid to the mix (you can also add vinegar)…this fixes the dye.

So there you have it!!  If you haven’t tried dyeing…you really should!  It’s a lot of FUN!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Looks fun and messy. Beautiful blues.

  2. Hand dyed fabrics are the greatest. I did a bunch several years ago and now all the best colors are used up. I think when the warmer weather rolls around I'll have to do some more. I use PDF Aurora muslin and Procion dyes. Makes gorgeous colors for quilting and looks like it has a sort of suede texture... reminds me of Cherrywoods.

  3. P.S. I noticed your doggy fence made a great spot to hang the fabrics to dry. :)

  4. Cute title, Paulette! It's too bad we can't be there to see your colorful fabrics drying on your back fence. You could start a trend!

  5. Those colors are magnificent. You're turning into a dye pro. I didn't realize JoAnn's has wool fabric. Obviously you are satisfied with the quality since you bought it so I need to check that out! It seems you teach me something new every day. Thanks!!

  6. Cool!Great shades you got.How long did you put them in to get the mottled effect?

  7. what beautiful blues you came out with! I will have to give this a try some time!

  8. Great colours. It just goes to show that you can do anything, anywhere, if you put your mind to it! Just imagine if you had to wait until you were home to dye the fabric.

  9. Great place and weather for dying, gorgeous shades that you can work with.


  10. That does seem like a really fun thing to do at an RV park! Next you can bust out the koolaid and make some real zingers to keep your neighbours guessing!

  11. I would so love to dye my own fabric - your wool turned out just lovely!