Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Road Trip and Wool…

SEW what does a road trip and WOOL have in common?  Well yesterday when my husband suggested that we go on a little road trip to escape the rotten weather (yes, it was cold and windy!) I had no idea where we would end up! 

I  packed up my stitching and the dogs and we hit the road…only to find ourselves in Old Town Temecula!!  YAHOO!! 

You know what that meant…a quick stop at the Wool Lady’s Shop…probably the last one for this year!

P1170498 - Copy

Besides this gorgeous wool, I bought some Cushing Dye which I will share with my Wool Crazy friend back home!  Ohhhh we are going to have FUN!!  The Wool Lady had EVERY colour on our wish list and she said to just phone if we need MORE! Oh..oh…I can see it now…trouble…I can see Claire phoning every other day!!  SHE is such a bad influence!

P1170502 - Copy

And of course I ran into the Quilter’s Coop across the road…I needed more of this red fabric for the Wee Basket Quilt and the rest I found in the Sales Room!  The price of fabric has really gone up since my last visit to the Coop…YIKES!  I will be checking the prices at the other Quilt Shops during the Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop on Thursday! :(  I haven’t noticed a huge price increase for fabric in the on-line shops…have you?

P1170504So all in all, I really don’t mind a shift in weather once in awhile!!  We are suppose to have gorgeous warm weather by Friday! 

Today is Quilting in the Clubhouse!!  I am still working on those Wee Baskets!!  They’re tiny but time consuming! And that one inch sashing and cornerstones..ouch!

Hey…it’s Leap Year!!  Head on over to Bonnie’s Blog for some Leap Year Fun!!


Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Now that is a road trip, I would like to take, lol.
    Beautiful wools and I love those fabrics.


  2. I have not noticed prices going up on line, but I have noticed the prices are up at quilt stores. The quilt store owners have been saying the cotton prices have gone up......but a blogger in Texas who has a cotton farm said it is not the case they got less for the cotton last year. So I guess the cloth manufacturers are not telling the whole story.....

  3. That sounds like fun, I love road trips and so does the hubbs. I have never worked with wool but hope to learn sometime. I see so many beautiful rugs and wall rugs made. I just love them. Enjoy reading your blog always!

  4. Lovely wools, especially like the plaids. I have to do most of my fabric shopping online and have been lucky to find a few shops that stock CW fabrics at reasonable prices.

  5. You chose some beautiful pieces, Sweet P. Alas, I won't get back to the Wool Lady until next year since we head north tomorrow....into the snow and rain :-(

  6. Our LQS has raised prices as well. All fabric is between $10.50 to $12.00 a yard now. Putting a damper on my purchases locally, but can still get good deals on-line.

  7. Beautiful pieces of wool - enjoy using them! I like the one of the left, I have a little bitty piece of it and I use it very very carefully!

  8. You sure know how to have fun girlie!!

  9. You got some gorgeous things girl, that's a road trip I'd love to take! I haven't been in a quilt shop in a long time, so haven't noticed prices - now I'm afraid, lol!

  10. Oh, that wool looks delicious! Did you get to the Temecula Quilt Co? I love their blog. Looks like they have a cozy little store.

  11. Posted a comment on a previous post..when are you coming back home? My friend is at a quilt show in March and April and has some really good priced me.

  12. I think it was just at the Coop where the prices have gone up - very reasonable here in Yuma. The Coop prices seem to be the highest I have come across. Hope CQ day was fun!!

  13. What a great way to spend an iffy weather day. Mmm, love your picks.