Monday, February 27, 2012


Myra, the newest member at Clubhouse Quilting brought this bag to the clubhouse…and I have GOT to show it!  It was a gift from her sister-in-law so Myra isn’t sure how SIL made it be..SEW… we  thoroughly examined it…:)


It has very straight rows of small 2” squares of fabric and the only thing holding them down is the wavy line quilting..


See have a look…we figure the Sister-In-Law must have glued/basted them all into place and then using the squares as a guide quilted down the sides of each square and then through the middle.  Loved it!  Very precise and accurate…yet scrappy at the same time!


Cool hey!!  Do you think this would work on a baby quilt?  Or would it not wash well…hmmm…food for thought!

It’s a busy Monday…yoga, beading, luncheon with ladies…it’s a tough life…but someone’s got to LIVE IT!! 

See ya’ tomorrow!!

Have a munching  Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a great bag! I love the wavy quilting too. All together very clever. It probably wouldn't work as a baby quilt though. The raw edges would fray too much in the repeated washing.

  2. It would probably create strings after washing that babies and pets shouldn't have.

  3. It's lovely! I'm thinking that it might not be great for a baby would fray a lot. It's a cute bag though.

  4. I just made a baby quilt using this technique.The pattern is by' yoyo mama design', because it is sewn down all four sides and I used 100% cotton with a tight weave, there weren't too many strings.

  5. That is really neat, love the technique, would be fun to try.


  6. I've seen many baby quilts using this technique. They were beautiful and held up to many washings without problems. Love this bag!!

  7. I have made several baby quilts and table toppers using this method. Lynne Hagmeier designer of Kansas Trouble for Moda has several quilt patterns using this raw edge applique. She suggest sewing 1/4 in. from edge of piece so the freying shows more.

  8. So cute! I need to do a baby quilt this week and that is very inspiring. Thanks.

  9. Speaking of baby quilts - would love to see the picture of the zoo quilt one of your clubhouse gals was working on.

  10. I love making bags. A great way to use scraps.
    I just read the other post with the find of the century! I have one of those bowls. Use it for making bread. Amazing what people get rid of. The price is amazing too!

  11. Great bag. Certainly something to remember!