Monday, February 6, 2012

Joshua Tree Thrift Shop… one of my ALL TIME favourite thrift shops!  It’s located in the Yucca Valley, about a 30 minute drive from our RV park, so I don’t go often…but when I do I ALWAYS find something to drool over…and something always follows me HOME!


I think the best thing about this shop are the old quilts that are always hanging…the top one is an unfinished quilt top just waiting for someone to come along and put the finishing touches to it!

But it was this beauty that made my heart sing…


It was old…but no rips, made from muslin (flour sacks?) and small prints…VERY Sweet…and it was calling my name!  Loved the border..see above…a square in a square set on point!


It was made for the summer heat of the desert as there was no batting in this quilt..and it was $75 (which would have taken a bite out of my fabric spending)…and would have taken up room in my already bulging cupboards…but man, I thought long and hard on this one!!  Looking at these pictures…I could KICK myself!!  What was I thinking?  I didn’t buy it…:(


There was a sprinkling of lovely old quilts throughout the shop…


Another lovely one…and loved the display…complete with birdhouses!  Wouldn’t this whole display look wonderful in YOUR house?


A whole cloth quilt…

P1170086…beautifully stitched!


Jennifer and Sandy have found a bargain…I better check it out!!


One of the things I love about this shop are the many displays…like this one!  Gorgeous!


Can you see the old sheet music and the old projector reels on the old frame…lovely!


Another quilt…and another display!


Yup…I love this shop!!  I will definitely be back…

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That is quite the thrift shop. I never see good quilts in ours, usually they are in the consignment shops.


  2. You're right - beautiful displays. I went to a couple here in Kauai and they were nothing like that!! Got a few things at a school rummage sale though - the kids were Gr. 4 and raising money to go on a trip to the BIG ISLAND - it was lots of fun.

    Only two days left, but am ready to see my babies - Mason is growing so much and is rolling both ways now.

  3. Oh my Goodness!!! And you didn't buy that gorgeous quilt!!! CRAZY!! I would have grabbed them all up and taken them home with me! Oh my heart is breaking......
    I have never seen quilts in any of our thrift stores. Maybe that's a good thing

  4. I can't believe you didn't buy that quilt!!! Although at those prices, I don't think it qualifies as a thrift shop...certainly the nicest one I've ever seen!

  5. Looks like a nice thrift shop! I don't ever see anything like the quilts you've shown. Very pretty! And thanks for the info on the wool thread!:) Have a great day!

  6. I was so impressed with two of the quilts you showed that I called the Joshua Tree today to see if they were still there. Apparently they had a 50% off sale on Friday and there are no quilts left. I would have bought the whole cloth one and the one that I think is Birds in the Air.

  7. Just reading a few older posts. I grew up in 29 Palms. All family is still there. I go there on VACATION!!! I was just there early December to celebrate Mom's 80th birthday. Dad will be 93 in July. 29 Palms, Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley are my old stomping grounds.