Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wool Thread…

Several readers asked about using Wool Thread when working with wool…I use wool thread because of the way it looks..It melts right into the wool and you can’t see it and if you do see it, it looks all soft and fuzzy…the way that wool should look!

This is the wool thread that I bought at the Wool Lady’s Shop in Temecula.  I was thrilled with it as it is strong and yet has a nice nap.  The Wool Lady dyes all her threads to match her wool which is another bonus!


Zooming in for a close-up…you can see that this thread is fuzzier and thicker than embroidery floss so I use a 24 chenille needle when working with it.  This needle punches a hole into the wool fabric so that the wool thread glides in easier.


DMC also carries Wool Thread…the two blues are DMC so you can see how similar they are to the Wool Lady’s threads.


There are many different brands…these I bought at a Button Shop in Victoria…LOVE these threads (Bros. Ltd LONDON)…and the REALLY nice thing about these Wool Threads is that they come in a HUGE variety of colours.  You may need to use a needle threader to thread your needle as this fuzzy thread is thicker and you may need to use shorter lengths of wool thread to prevent breakage…you will have to experiment a bit with whatever thread you find in your corner of the world.


I stumbled onto this wool thread in a Knitting Shop (it’s suppose to be used for darning socks). I used it to quilt my Settler’s Pride Quilt.  It is 75% wool and 25% polyamid so it is EXTRA strong and was perfect for this project!  I am going back for more…


Let’s REALLY look at Claire’s work from yesterday so that you can SEE how great Wool Thread really is (Claire won’t mind!)…

Just look at those trees and Frosty and his wonderful scarf…see how the stitches don’t jump out at you…just blend right in…that’s the beauty of Wool Thread!dress me up frosty2

See these ity-bity pieces of wool forming the hats and mittens?  Here’s where you need to change your thread and your needle…use a finer needle and ordinary sewing machine thread (match it to the colour of the wool if you can)…wool thread or perle cotton is just too darn fat and will pull these little pieces apart.

dress me up frosty3jpg

What about Embroidery Floss you say?  Floss works great!  It is easy to find in the stores…comes in all colours so that you can match it to your wool and two strands give a nice look.  Keep in mind that you do see your stitches (which can be a GOOD thing).  Embroidery Floss  is shinier than wool but you will still do a wonderful job.  Perle Cotton is great for doing the blanket stitch around the penny…I like Valdani Perle Cotton as it is not as shiny and blends into wool better.

SEW..regardless of what you are stitching with, your project is going to turn out to be BEAUTIFUL!  It all comes down to what YOU like and what is available to YOU!  Remember, there is no RIGHT or WRONG way of working with wool!  Mix it up…or go with one type of thread.  Some of the famous wool designers use nothing but sewing machine thread and their work is stunning!

One thing is for SURE…I need a better way of storing my wool threads!  OUCH!


               HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNE!!


BEFORE I GO…I need to wish our Clubhouse quilter, Anne a VERY SPECIAL birthday!! 

BIRTHDAY??   Guess that means another “GIRLS DAY OUT”!!  SEW…it’s off to Monica’s QS Sale (in honour of some sporting event??) and then to keep the Canadians happy, we will take in our favourite store (JoAnn’s) and of course, it’s out for LUNCH!!  Hopefully this ‘sporting event’ will be over and done with by the time we get home!:)

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks for the info on the thread P as I have been sitting on the fence to start my wool projects as I was so unsure about what to use. I will make a trip to the Button shop down town to look at their wool threads. Enjoy your day out with the girls and will be wishing I was your tag along too loo!

  2. Happy birthday to your friend Anne!..and have a great Sunday out!!!

  3. Lots of great info. I started using wool thread and LOVE it! Thanks for all of your info

    Happy week to you


  4. Thanks for the info on the thread, Paulette. This will be very handy when I finally make the plunge. I have the pattern (Buttermilk Basin), I have the wool. Now all I need is the time. Have a great shopping day.

  5. I have used wool threads on some things, love the vintage look it gives to a stitchery, but most of the things i do, I use antique spray on, so the floss gets dulled anyways;)


  6. Hi Paulette,

    I use Aurifil Lana wool, it comes on spools like their cotton thread for sewing.

    You can buy it for about $8.00 for 350 Metres. It is a 50/50 wool poly blend.

    There are a couple of Canadian suppliers, one is closing theirs out and you can get an assortment of 35 spools for $80!

    Let me know and I'll send you the contact information.

    I've got some pictures of them on my blog.

  7. Some very helpful hints! Love the snowman with his clothesline! Enjoy your shopping day!

  8. aurifil has a great wool thread. the black is my favorite. but normally I use valdani.

    kim from san diego

  9. This was very interesting! Thank you for your nice post!