Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Country Loft…2014

You can find the Country Loft Quilt Shop in a town called La Mesa which is just outside of San Diego, CA.  Our truck seems to have a path of its own when we are in the neighbourhood…and I’m so happy it does!! 

Here’s our motley crew for this year, left to right, Jan, Sandy, Me and Joanne…we are mostly WOOL LOVERS…well maybe not Jan but we are working on her!

IMG_0746 (1)

Joanne’s favourite all time shop WAS the Kansas Trouble Quilt Shop in Kansas…until she stepped into The Country Loft!!  I wish I had captured her face as she stepped into the shop…priceless!!

This is not a good shot of the Country Loft but you get the idea…it’s an old house and every nook and cranny is FULL of woolie/quilty goodness!IMG_0303

This wall hanging stopped me in my tracks!!  LOVED IT!!  It is a Kathy Cardiff pattern!  To see her work up close and personal is something else!  AMAZING and INCREDIBLE are two words that you are going to be hear a lot.  They go hand in hand when describing her work…errr…I mean her play!IMG_0305

Just LOOK at these roses..INCREDIBLE!!


My first stop was the bathroom…yup THIS is the bathroom!!  So much eye candy that you (almost) forget why you went into this room!!



Whew…finally leaving the bathroom!  Such eye candy!!


How adorable is HE!!  Ahhhh……


THIS Kathy Cardiff creation took our breathes away!  We immediately asked for the pattern!!  But it was not to be…YET!!  It is being offered as a BOM by the Loft and will be out in book form in about a years time!  I can’t wait!


This quilt is MAGNIFICENT!!  I live in the heart of farmland and this quilt would be perfect hanging on my walls…especially when the farmers start spreading their manure!!  The aroma will add to the…well I think you get the idea…. Barns are perfect for where I live!!


And a close-up…SWOON!!  I also love the way Kathy kept the quilting relatively simple.  The quilting on the Barn Quilt is something that is achievable by an average quilter..the quilt stands a lone and the quilting is secondary!  Some designers send their work out to the masters…and it BECOMES the quilt.  You end up not buying the pattern because you KNOW that you can never achieve ‘that look’!  Not so with this quilt!  Totally DO-ABLE!!


Lots of displays throughout the shop….


Another Cottage at Cardiff Farms pattern….  A simple quilt with the sparkle of wool…LOVELY!!!



Zooming in for a close-up….


Yowzers…I love this wee quilt!


Throughout the shop you see tons of these wool mats…ready and waiting to be stitched!!


Kathy’s new book, Cottage Keepsakes is on display along with her gorgeous pincushions….


Very sweet!


Lots of Cheri Payne quilts and patterns were on display too…Loved this one!!


I had to go out to the Antique room for a breather…bad mistake as there were lovely things in there as well!!  So lovely that I forgot to take pictures!!



How sweet is this mat?  Fast and easy…and would make a lovely gift!


Little rolls of wool make up the flowers!  Very clever!



LOVED this raffle prize that The Loft was offering for the Shop Hop that was on…the Crow water fountain and this Complete Kit to make the red quilt by Hugs and Kisses!!


Beautiful quilt!!


Lots of Spring mats to be made!


And look at this sweet bag!IMG_0336

Loved the mottled wool in this runner…looked like aged velvet!


I loved seeing these Primitive Gatherings mats made up!!  Very cute!



It was this Kathy Cardiff mat that caught our FULL attention…TOO cute for words!!  I remember seeing this mat in a magazine…or at least I THINK I did!  If I was home, I would have EVERY magazine out looking for this pattern!!


Come on READERS…help me out here.  Was this in a Primitive Quilts Magazine or a Quiltmania??  Please say YES….


In REAL LIFE this mat was AMAZING with INCREDIBLE stitching!  And so Springy!!


Kathy Cardiff is a teacher at the Country Loft.  NOW wouldn’t that be FUN to take a class from the master herself!

As it is, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to visit the Loft every year..thanks to my incredibly patient chauffeur and hubby!!  He is the BEST!!  Imagine braving the EIGHT lane freeways to drive four quilters around to three different Quilt Shops..for a trip that took TEN HOURS!!  This boy deserves a medal!!

If you’re not Lofted out then you might like to go HERE and HERE (Christmas at the Loft!) and HERE!  Ahhh the magic of Blogland!!

You can order patterns HERE…just sayin’!:o)))

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh Sweet P I had the chance to visit the shop in October when I was in SanDiego and its one I will never forget! Lovely wools, cottons, patterns and tons of samples and the ladies are so sweet! Thanks for bringing those memories back! Love, love, love...

  2. You did a good job showing the goodies at the COUNTRY LOFT. That will be on my list of shops to visit. The rose mat is gorgeous. Thanks for the eye candy!!!!

  3. I would love to shop there, but that might be dangerous, lol. Lots of great patterns and finished quilts, love seeing them displayed when I shop.


  4. You lucky girl!!! Thanks for the tour!!! Yes...he does deserve a medal! lol

  5. Thanks for sharing pictures of one of my favourite shops in the San Diego area. The last time I was there JoAnn Mullay's sister Kathy was working there putting up displays from her then new book Folk Art Branches.

    Kathy Cardiff's work is so lovely thanks for sharing the photos of her new pieces.

    I'm working on the seasonal quilts from Primitive Gatherings..Spring is next on my to do list.

    Thanks to your hubby for all that driving.

  6. So sad I missed your visit :( I'm at the store almost every day! Just wanted to let you know that the little mat "In full Bloom" appeared in Quiltmania's Special Summer 2013 issue. Love your blog and would love to have you in a class!

  7. Looks like a wonderful day and your hubby is super.. He must really love you. My hubby too although he is my hand quilter. We are hitting some quilt shows in the future.. Your blog is so inspiring and makes me feel almost like being there, almost!
    Thanks Paulette

  8. Oh goodness now that was pure eye candy - wonderful. I'm pretty sure I would need a brown bag to breath in if I ever get there lol. You've got a gem of a hubby to by the way he's a keeper :). Mine is good about taking me to places and then taking a quick "blink" while I shop - I'm thankful for that. Thanks for the tour - now the question - what did you buy? I'm pretty sure some of the antiques would have made the trip back in the car lol.
    Hugs - Karen