Thursday, March 6, 2014

In Full Bloom..

When we were at The Country Loft on Monday…(WHAT?… you MISSED our trip?’s a REFRESHER..)…anyway…while at the Loft we spotted this sweet Wool Mat!!  Drop Dead Gorgeous!  Get the paddles out and resuscitate me gorgeous!


Two of our group snapped up the pattern..while I held back saying I think I saw this in either Quiltmania or Primitive Quilts Magazine…and then prayed that I was right!  I want to make this stunner!!

So of course first thing Tuesday morning I dug through the few magazines that I had brought with me!!  Some issues are just too good to leave at home!!…

YAHOO!!  Look at what I found!!  Love this mat!!  It’s a Kathy Cardiff pattern and it’s called ‘In Full Bloom’! 

(You can check out Kathy’s website HERE!)IMG_0372

If you’re like me and collect most Quiltmania Magazines then you probably have this issue!!  It’s a REALLY good one!


It also has Norma Whalley’s ‘Star Garden’ in it! Another Drop Dead Gorgeous Quilt (or DDGQ for short)!


With all of these DDG Quilts tempting us, it’s a good thing Quilters are a hearty group!  The way these talented designers keep cranking them out there wouldn’t be too many of us left!!  I believe it’s called..survival of the fittest!! :o))

Thanks for stopping by..hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. That is a beautiful piece and I do love their magazine. I still have quilts I want to make from some older issues, that i got.


  2. Oooouuuu-ing Aaahhhhh-ing!!! Such marvelous eye candy for me this morning! I'm inspired!!!

  3. They totally are DDGQs...looking forward to seeing your versions!

  4. Thanks for sourcing out which magazine the table runner was in. Happily I have that one, I think I prefer the more of the special editions than the regular issues.

    Thanks for sharing Kathy's website and blog links.

  5. Laughing at you needing to be resussitated. The woolies are pretty. I'm just a Looker though. I can't add another type of fabric to my stash enhansing habit. I know the feeling about taking magazines with you. I do that too, just for something pretty to look at!

  6. Hello, thanks for providing info on the magazine.It's the Summer 2013 issue, isn't it? Beatrice.