Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kathy Cardiff..I THANK YOU!!

You meet the most wonderful people in Blogland!  Kathy Cardiff is one such person!  She is VERY sweet and very talented!!

As you all know, this is a quilting blog..I (mostly) write about quilting…quilt designers, quilt books, quilt patterns, quilt shops, quilt shows…well you get the idea…anything to do with quilting!  If something catches my interest I like to write about it!  If a designer WOWS me then I shout their praise from the roof tops! 

Lately Kathy Cardiff has come under my radar…man I am SEW impressed with her designs!!  Her ‘Barn Quilt’ blew me away (read about it HERE) and she has designed so many gorgeous wool projects that she will keep me in wool until I am a VERY old lady!  SEW of course I have been tooting her horn for some time now! (you can hear me tooting HERE:)

Would you believe that as a thank you, Kathy sent me a copy of her latest book… ‘Cottage Keepsakes’! 



Let me take the book outside for some non-glare shots..ahhh much better!


A YEAR of pincushions..and dang cute ones at that!!  And look to the top right…a message from Kathy Cardiff!  Told you she was nice!


The sunflower has my heart!  I HAVE to make this one!


OH…and the mother hen sitting on her nest of eggs…ahhhdorable!


If you want to see the REAL deals then you need to go to The Country Loft in La Mesa California!  So sweet and wouldn’t they make a wonderful gift?!


If you would like to make a pincushion for every month of the year then you need to hurry to Kathy’s online shop to get your own calendar of pincushions… ‘Cottage Keepsakes’ can find HERE!! 

Looks like March is the Irish Spring Roll…I better get stitching!  LOVE IT!!


Thanks SEW much, Kathy!! I will treasure this book!

I can’t wait to see what Kathy designs next…One things for sure, I will be the first in line for her ‘Barn Quilt’ book…hopefully coming out soon!!  I’ll keep you posted…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That was so sweet of her ! I love the sunflower and the sewing roll ... I finished my second wool piece. I'm so excited. It's being framed. Can't wait to get it back and see it. Thanks Paulette , I'm hooked on wool now. I would have not tried this , but your blog encouraged me. Bought some more wool too. Lol. So exciting !!!Love it !!

  2. thank you for sharing this! love this book...love wool...love love love! Thanks Paulette!

  3. Very fun book and nice of Kathy to send you a copy.


  4. Very nice of Kathy! Looks like you're gonna be busy.:)

  5. How sweet of Kathy...and how sweet of you to share her talents with us! Her creations are adorable!

  6. That looks like a lovely book - so full of gorgeous pictures of beautiful things to make - lucky you!

  7. Ok, Paulette, now that you have the book, I want to see one pin cushion made each month. I love the sunflower one.