Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clubhouse Quilting…

Last week the Clubhouse was a beehive of activity!  Every table was overflowing…with ladies and projects!  Our group is expanding as February and March seem to be the busiest times of the year! 

Before everyone starts their migration back home we always have a Pot Luck Luncheon…

Yes, we know how to feast!!


Good food, good fun…good friends!  But let’s not start blubbering…YET!!

On with the quilting show!  Sandy finished her Bunny Runner ( a FarmHouse Thread’s pattern)…


And then she started a NEW project!!  SEW organized!


Anne finished the topper that she made for someone special…


…who is going through Cancer.  She is hoping this quilt will provide a little comfort and make the process a little easier….


Anne ordered the inspirational panel on-line, then cut it up and put it into quilt blocks..


Gwen finished her gorgeous quilt…. 


Man I LOVE this quilt…and would you believe that Gwen is giving it to charity!!  Someone is going to flip when they receive this beauty!!


Gwen also brought in her Kokopelli Quilt that she made for her down south home.  Her and her hubby sold their house to fellow quilter, Karen and this quilt goes with the house!!  Lucky, Karen!!


Gwen designed this quilt herself!  It’s just wonderful and needs to be appreciated in the proper setting…or so Gwen says!


Joanne finished off her gorgeous Kansas Trouble Quilt and it went off to the quilter…stay tuned! 


Norma finished off the quilt that she made for her DIL!  I love the blues in this quilt!!  Norma made the outside border extra wide as she is planning on scalloping the edge!!


Yup…Norma is going to be her DIL number ONE mother-in-law!!


Anne was busy putting together this little guy…a million and one wee pieces!


But she got ‘er done and it is now ready for machine appliqueing!


Gwen was working on her wool work…a gorgeous 3 D wall hanging.  She has cut out a million and one wee geranium petals which will be anchored with little beads in the middle!  Feast your eyes on the woven basket!  Stunning!


Doris was working on this bag for her dog!!  (Molly and Rylie (my dogs) close your eyes!!)  Her pup will be most fashionable when carrying her dish, blankie and food in this lovely bag!  (Mollie and Rylie will continue to use their Thrifty’s Grocery Bag…they don’t know any better:o)


Pauline found this Tracy Lizotte fabric panel on our Spring Fling…and is making a quilt for her life long school friend…how sweet is THAT!!

(LOVE this panel!!)


By the end of the day Pauline had it all together….

Now wouldn’t you be tickled pink to receive this from your old school girlfriend!!  VERY thoughtful!


Martha has been working on these rugs all season….Little 2” squares of polyester stitched into RUGS!!  Very nice!


A picture of how the strips are sewn on….IMG_0495IMG_0496

And the back (denim!)


Loved her pattern!  YIKES!!


Joanne finished ANOTHER top….


Love this block!


Heritage Judy whipped up this sweet bag…


SEW…there you have it!!  Another great day spent at the Clubhouse!

Unfortunately the mass exodus has now started….Four or five of the ladies left this week …but the rest of us will keep the pedal to the medal a little longer…at least till the end of the month!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Lots of stuff going on there, P! I like those rugs. Can you get me one of those patterns? LOL!

  2. It certainly will be great to get "home", but I'm sure you will miss those fabulously talented Clubhouse quilters. They do wonderful work, and must be so inspiring.

  3. You have such an amazing group of ladies who make the most amazing quilts and items, almost makes me wish I lived on the west coast, lol.


  4. All quilters know how to feast! Every time there is a potluck involved, the best food shows up. In the case of your group, shows that you don't need a big kitchen to do it right.

    Does your DH call you Sweet P?

  5. It's really hard to believe that it's almost time for you to be heading back to your "summer" home. Just seems like you got to California, but I'll tell you I'm glad to see the snow and cold weather go away!

  6. Never a dull minute is there? Looks like great fun.:)

  7. You gals can sure create! Loved the show and tell! I always enjoy hearing the stories of each project!

  8. LoVed all the Show & Tell. Would Joanne be willing to share the name of her purple/white quilt? The pot luck looked delicious! Yum! Always so much fun to get together with other quilters.

  9. Lots of pretties! I love the dog bag and the rugs!