Friday, March 7, 2014

Thank YOU, Sue!

There is a lady in our RV Park who loves to bake…cookies, cakes, squares, all and every desserts from scratch…my hubby met her hubby while at the Dog Park and one thing lead to another…I think Rick probably said something like…  “I LOVE anything sweet!” and  “Poor me, I have a sewing wife not a baking wife…boohoo!”  He must have cried long and hard because before we knew it these were being delivered to our door!  (one piece is missing…hmmmm?)


And not just these bars (the BEST bars that I have EVER tasted!!)…there was tropical upside down cake (out of this world!!), key lime pie (tart and rich..YUM), pineapple fluffy pie (OMG!!!), lemon pie, lemon slice (you mean THIS is what LEMON tastes like..SWOON!!)…and several others…and ALL to die for!!  AND always enough for the TWO OF US!  The pastry was flakey and melted in your mouth…and the lemon was tart and sweet (but not too sweet!)  The chocolate melted in your mouth..

SEW….how to thank this very generous baker for adding 5lbs to my waistline?

Sue bakes, I sew! Yup, I made her an apron!  I made it when Sue spatters on one side..


…she just needs to flip it to the clean side!


Oh man, as much as I loved Sue’s treats I am SEW glad that I don’t bake…(if you know what I mean…)

Thanks Sue, I now know what REAL pie tastes like! …Sheesh!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. That looks yummy and the apron goes with it perfectly.


  2. I love friends who bake! I actually like baking but I tend not to do it because I will eat it ALL while the kids and hubby are at school/work.

    That apron is really cute What fabric line is that?

  3. I sew and bake...can you make another apron for the recipe???(haha)

  4. I would really like yo make an apron like that. Can you tell me how to do it. It looks absolutely awesome.

  5. How wonderful to have a friend/neighbor like that! And what a wonderful gift for her. :) blessings, marlene