Friday, March 28, 2014

Last STOP….

We’re HOME!!  Such sweet words!  It’s always fun to go ‘Snowbirding’, leaving the wet and cold behind…but man, is it ever sweet to get back HOME!!

First thing yesterday morning, before we did anything, we went to visit our little Mason (and Carrie too!:))  Three and a half months in a baby’s life is a long time and we noticed a lot of changes…he can sit up now, he is almost crawling and can pull himself up in his crib! He is more alert and he can hold up his arms indicating that he wants to come to YOU!!  Very sweet!  And he continues to be his happy, smiling self!  The PERFECT baby!  Come to Grammy!


And he LOVED all the toys that we bought him!  Babies…correction…big boys are such fun!

And SEW are Quilt Shops!  If you remember correctly we were right in the middle of a tour of Pioneer Quilts in Portland when I ran out of computer room and told you to HOLD ON…more would follow!  Well today is the day!!


Joanne is going to make this quilt so this picture is for YOU!!


This quilt was hanging in the classroom…silhouettes of rabbits in action! Loved it!


Lots of wee stitcheries…wouldn’t this look cute done around those left over blocks that we all have hanging around our sewing room?!


And lots of small framed wool work!


Pincushions are definitely ‘IN’!


Dang cute and elaborate pincushions!


And don’t these pincushions look yummy…(you can buy the little tins to put them in!)




The sweetest baby quilt EVER…but so much work!


Yes, they still have a Christmas room…full of Christmas goodness!


LOVED this sweet wool runner…complete with grommets and a real shoe lace!


Valdani in all shades and colours!


Tons of hand dyed wools…and the cutest mats!


Looks like I’m back in the Christmas room….


Beautiful displays throughout the shop….


I want…I want…I want…!!

I found this Yoko Saito book ‘Houses, Houses, Houses’…their last copy and it was waiting for ME!!  It was meant to be!


So much goodness in one shop!!  Ohhhh… the lucky quilters who live here and have this shop to browse at their leisure whenever they want!  And this is only ONE of many shop…they have several QS to choose from!  Next time you are driving through Portland, slow down and take a few of these shops in…you won’t be sorry!!  Besides hubby has to stretch his legs…right?

Have a FUN, FANASTIC Friday…and happy stitching!!  Now that I am out of the shops maybe I will have time to do a little stitching too!  :)~P


  1. That is such a fun age, Nick is like that too now but a little older so he can crawl to things and pull himself up and way too much motion for me to handle, too long, lol. Lots of great designs and I noticed Bonnie's on the wall, I have that book and more projects that i want to make.


  2. Oh my! Glad it was only pictures or I would be totally bankrupt! So many wonderful projects.
    Mason is such an adorable guy. Love his sweet happy smile.
    Thanks for all you share with us.

  3. Looks like someone is really happy to see Grandma P. We're going to be spending a couple of days in Portland but just the city so other than Fabric Depot what are some other great shops in the city?

  4. Glad you are home safe and sound. Loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Such a smiley, sweet boy! Thanks for getting us throught the winter by sharing your snowbird quilt adventures. Looking forward to how you handle your new stash items now that you are back home... and seeing what the mailman saved for you while you were away!

  6. I like the piece with the big ice skate and snowman.

  7. Welcome Home to you both and lovely to see your smiling Grandson. I always feel when I read your posts that we go away with you and get a while for a little while from the bad weather, even if it is only through a computer! Have a lovely weekend at home. Hugs Susie x

  8. Gorgeous pictures Paulette!! But I can see why your so glad to be home...he is a cutie!!!

  9. Welcome back to Canada! And thank you for a wonderful show and tell ...that shop is amazing!

  10. Cute young man you have there. Glad he was happy to see you! Thanks for all the pictures of the QS. Too much eye candy isn't good for my UFO list... Glad you are home safe.

  11. Glad you arrived home safely and I love the picture of you with your sweet Mason. I can see he was delighted to see his grandma. Grandchildren are great. Thanks for sharing all your quilt shop pics. They are beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Thanks for all the pictures - can't wait until my trip to Vancouver, WA this summer. I better save my money!!! Grandson looks happy that you are home too. Enjoy.................

  13. Glad to see you made it home! Mason is such a cutie and he looks like such a happy little boy! How fun! I wish I had a local QS as nice as the one in Portland. Loved all your pictures- thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!:)

  14. Glad to hear you made it home safely. Hope all is well in your home and you have great weather too! I've heard of a few more storms in the PNW, but not sure if they hit your area. Please re-direct them to So. Cal., as you know we do so need water.