Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Final Clubhouse Day…

Maybe I should change that title to MY Final Clubhouse Day!  Several of us are leaving this weekend but the majority of the quilters will continue to plug away at stitching in the Clubhouse every Wednesday… until it’s their turn to leave.  This is always a bittersweet time for us.  We are excited to be heading home but then it always sad to say goodbye to these wonderful ladies!!  And then there is the fact that it’s Gwen’s final year which makes it doubly sad!  I WON’T go there as I will be blubbering before you know it and THAT would not be a pretty sight!

SEW on with the show…clubhouse style! 

ALL season long Sue collected our fabric scraps and they became the stuffing for this monster footstool!  It is huge and gorgeous!  She made THREE of these…and said they were easy to make!


It’s going to go in her TV room for the grandkids to sit on.  I can see them crawling all over this thing!  They are going to love it!


Sue also made a quilt for her neighbour at her park.  This man is a world traveller and collected T-shirts…could she PLEASE turn them into a quilt?


Well, Sue did just that…and turned it into a beautiful, keepsake quilt that he will treasure forever!!


These t-shirts came from all over Europe and Asia!  Way to go, Sue!IMG_0530

Sandy is working on this wee sweet wall hanging for her new grand-daughter.  She bought a piece of wooly wool and tea dyed the middle lamb and used black dye for the black lamb…then gave them haircuts!  AND they turned out very cute!!  Now she is working on the flowers and vine that circle the whole thing!!  A real work of love for her sweet Cameron!


Gina was working on this UFO…it’s her first wool project and it is a beauty!  Simple and elegant!


Anne finished her pup…and he turned out dang cute!!  He is raw edged appliqued and is very sweet!


Here is a look at the back…as Anne tried something new.  To prevent too much bulk she put on a facing instead of putting on a backing and turning or a thick binding.  Anne will hand stitch the facing down here and there and call it done.  Brilliant!  Anne is excited to go home to a new REAL pup that was born while they were down here…!  Nothing like snuggles and kisses from a puppy!


Sue brought in her bed quilt for show and tell…It’s a quilt called Flying South…OK…she called it something else, I just can’t remember!  But isn’t it the perfect quilt for a Snowbird?!  Nothing like Flying Geese…make that Canada Flying Geese on a quilt!


Norma put the finishing touches on her lovely bag…so pretty!!


And peak inside….I LOVE this hook…a place to hook your keys or wallet!!  Very clever! 


Doris was making some wonderful  place mats…VERY cute!!


And Heritage Judi agreed…because she was doing the same thing…and no they weren’t together when they bought their fabrics…GREAT minds think alike!!



Judi makes her mats for the Meals on Wheel program back home…this one was made from her left over fabric from last weeks’ bag!!  Got to love that!IMG_0541

Sandy’s neat stacks of squares are taking shape…pretty nine patches!! 


And Deb was finishing off her motorcycle quilt which will be a surprise gift for her motorcycling hubby!!  He is going to love it!


See the fabrics that she used…maps, cycles and road signs!!  How cute!  Deb knows the way to her man’s heart!


So that concludes our Clubhouse antics!!  It was another great season!!  Such wonderful talented ladies…each and everyone of them!!

I found this in my Clubhouse Pics…The Clubhouse girls in 2012…(Gwen is sitting on the floor with the blue striped shirt)


And this years’ picture…(Gwen is snuggled under her quilt)…What a differenceTWO years makes…our little group is growing!!


Wishing Gwen nothing but good things…lots of stitching and of course lots of snuggles with her new grandson, Cyrus!!  Gwen will be MISSED at The Sands that’s for sure….but if I know Gwen she will continue to crank out beautiful quilts to donate to charity!  There are definitely no flies on this lady and there is no shortage of talent!!  All the best, Gwen and safe travels!



“ON THE ROAD AGAIN…OHHHH…ON THE ROAD AGAIN…”  Come on and sing along….  Yikes…did you see that BIG SEMI TRUCK zoom by an inch from our mirror? 

Put my head down… don’t look… and stitch on!! :o}

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Safe travels home to that sweet Mason!!

  2. Wishing you safe travels on your trip home...

  3. Have a safe trip home. I know you can't wait to see your little Grandson. This was a very special year for me. I got to meet you! It seems so sad when you start back home. I know it will be another adventure. Thanks for all your sharing. Just makes my cut of coffee even sweeter each day! Hugs

  4. What are you stitching on the way home? Safe travels!

  5. Enjoyed spending the winter with you through your eyes. Travel safe.

  6. Safe travels on your way home. Hard to believe it' that time already for you. That MUST mean spring is around the corner right lol. Thanks for always sharing the inspiration of the Clubhouse gang.
    Hugs - Karen

  7. Safe travels..... Cant wait to hear of stories on your trip back... I'm sure they will be un eventful..

  8. Safe travels, those big trucks make me nervous, 4 lanes of traffic does too! You have a wonderful group to spend your winter with, I have enjoyed all their creations.

  9. What a talented group of ladies! Wishing you a safe trip home!!

  10. I know you are already on the road having some more adventures and remembering your lovely time I the desert. Have fun on the road may they be clear and smooth driving for you.

  11. Lots of wonderful items to wind down the winter season. I know you will make some fun stops and find interesting new things on the way home so looking forward to sharing your adventures.


  12. Thank you for all your shows! It is wonderful to see all the gals and to have seen the treasures they created this year. Safe drive back to Canada!

  13. Beautiful projects! The ladies are so creative. Safe travels home!

  14. Safe travels home Paulette! Maybe well finally be able to see you this August/Sepember as we will be coming up to Victoria for a 10 day visit.... Great Canadian Beer Festival. This is The Year of the Beer for my dear husband as I did The Year of the Quilt last year!

  15. Have a safe journey home SP. I hope all the snow's gone by the time you get there.

  16. Will the group be as productive and creative without you there?