Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gwen’s Friendship Star Quilt…

Our annual Clubhouse Potluck Dinner was bittersweet this year…Gwen our matriarch, friend, mentor, fellow quilter extraordinaire will be leaving us after this season.

Gwen and her husband, Jerry have sold their modular home and will have a change of lifestyle that will involve their one and only wee grandson.  We wish them a life filled with snuggles and laughter..and of course quilting!  That wonderful boy is going to need quilts…lots and lots of quilts!! 

So it is only fitting that the Clubhouse Girls do something special for Gwen…after all we wouldn’t be at the Clubhouse if it weren’t for Gwen!  Gwen and her friend, Betty started the Clubhouse Quilters many years ago…and we are so thankful that they did!

So back in late December, early January, we sounded the drums (computers) and rallied the troops…to do what quilters do best…  Make a block for Gwen’s Farewell Quilt!

We found the PERFECT block which you can find HERE…Even the name of the block is perfect… the Friendship Star Block!! We gave the quilters January to make their blocks, February was for putting the blocks together, quilting the top, binding it and getting the label on!  Plenty of time!  Whew! Teamwork at its best!

Gwen was surprised…and shed more than a few tears….


Yup…the tears are flowing now!


“When? Where?  How?”  ..Ahhh when there are quilters involved there’s always a way to get ‘er done!!  You KNOW that, Gwen!


And here’s Gwen’s Friendship Star Quilt made up in her favourite colours…each block is signed with a personal message to Gwen!


Sad moment for all of us…lots of tears shed..


And lots of hugs…


And I think Gwen got the message…that she is one in a million, that she is going to be missed and that we are SEW happy that she was a part of our lives!!


And being the good quilters that we are, we of course put a label on Gwen’s Friendship Star quilt! 


This morning I got up to a lovely email message from Gwen (that made me teary AGAIN!)  She had sent it out to all of the Clubhouse Girls..those in the park and those not able to be with us but who also participated….I hope Gwen doesn’t mind that I am sharing a wee, small snippet~

“For the rest of my life, I will remember each of you and the friendships we have shared.  Each of you is so special and I love you all.” 

Yup…this is WHY we quilt!!  Thank you, Gwen…for EVERYTHING!!  The feeling is obviously mutual!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting~P


  1. What a lovely, lovely post! I don't know you, Gwen or any of the other ladies, but I have tears in my eyes as well. Beautiful friendship and beautiful quilt!!

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  3. Gwen is a lucky lady to have such great friends like the Clubhouse Quilters. The friendship star block looks fabulous made up this way. Don't think I've seen it in this design before. The sentiment on the label is lovely as well.

  4. It is hard when we get older, and so many life changes, but the friendships we make stay with us for life. What a wonderful quilt that you all made for her and something she will treasure.


  5. What a wonderful heartfelt gift. You all made Gwen a lovely treasure and symbol of your friendship.

  6. Wonderful story and post, Paulette. I think eyes are welling up all over the world today!

  7. Ahh.. that's so sweet. What a special quilt for her!

  8. Congratulations on such a sweet way to honour your friend. May she enjoy the warmth of the memories of you all for many years.

  9. So touching. Quilters are the best!

  10. The Friendship Star was a good choice. Makes a nice quilt and is an easy block to make as long as you point the triangles in the right direction. Now who will lead the group?

  11. It's indeed the perfect pattern for your special friend.

  12. That's a cool block with 4 Stars. Great job!

  13. What a warm and wonderful post! Such a true treasure for Gwen to remember her dear quilting pals. Lovely group of gals!

  14. I teared up just reading your post! You're right, quilters are the best.

  15. Quilting brings so many people to such wonderful friendships.. Loves the post, so heartwarming.
    Hugs Maggey