Friday, March 14, 2014

Flaunting it on Friday…

I have started a NEW project…a quilt for my daughter Maggie.  She picked the fabric and the pattern…a MODERN design by Jaybird!  I’m loving this quilt!  I know…I’m as surprised as YOU must be…There’s not a modern bone in this body!! haha

Anyway, let me show you what’s on my design floor.  I didn’t put all of the blocks down as this crawling around on ancient knees is hard on the back…but the few that I did put down will give you an idea of the general gist of the quilt…IMG_0509

It’s going together faster and easier than I thought it would… and it will be bigger than the pattern shows.


I used the ‘Hex N More Ruler’ to cut out the fabric. It was VERY slick and easy to use!  I had my shapes cut out in no time!

I’m off and running…it’s another busy day! I’m looking forward to some quiet time when I get home…We only have a little over two weeks left of our Snowbirding trip! As usual, it been great but the thought of  HOME is wonderful!  What’s with that?…It’s like that old saying that we stitch onto pillows is TRUE…  “HOME is where the HEART is”!!

Sew that’s it for today…thanks for stopping by!  It’s always great ‘to see you’! 

Have a Fun Friday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. That is going to be a beautiful quilt, wonderful design for your daughter.


  2. Our Quilt Shop in town recently held a demo day showing that very ruler along with samples. Your quilt will be lovely! I really like the fabric you chose.

  3. It will be a great quilt. And I agree with you, home is where the heart is!

  4. Oh my, this quilt is going to be beautiful! Love those fabrics!

  5. Looks great, my daughter likes this pattern too!

  6. This is so beautiful. I have thought of making this quilt. I love your colours.

  7. This is going to be beautiful. If I was making it, I'd have trouble giving it away!

  8. I really love this pattern. Just a thought, double check that gray/white stripe block in the upper right corner. It is very strange looking compared to the rest. You might want to see if you can make pieces with the stripe matching to give you a kaleidoscope effect. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the fabrics and the design. This is going to be beautiful.