Monday, March 3, 2014

Palm Spring’s Vintage Flea Market…

Yesterday was the first Sunday of the Month…time for Palm Spring’s Vintage Flea Market!  Sandy and I went with my hubby…I love poking through junk and both of them not so much!

What a collection of good and bad junk…and we all had TONS of flashes from the past and of course some laughs…!

Now what is the difference between BAD junk and good junk?  Yes there is such a thing…you be the judge…

How about this hand chair…perfect for YOUR home??


Or this pink plastic bubble chair right out of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in…the only thing missing was Goldie Hawn swinging in it!

IMG_0258This retro fountain was in the process of being sold to the two fellas pictured beside it!


Pull up a high heel and have a…seat?


Carpet beaters….you don’t see these everyday!!


There were even some beautiful old quilts…


Retro furniture and… you can never have too many boat parts!


A FLASH from my past…see that turquoise bag…that was MINE!!


Loved looking at the refinished furniture….



The yoyo quilt was drop dead gorgeous….


…and so was the price!


This cupboard should have come home with me!!  Should have, could have, would have…didn’t…:o((


This looks like the inside of my jewellery box back home…


Yup…there was something for everyone!


Now that silver boot would look lovely in ANY home…just not mine!! haha


No this is not a wall clock…it’s a HUGE coffee table!!  Yup…time to go!


Of course this floor length WOOL coat caught my eye…HOW MANY penny rugs could I get out of this coat!!  Boggles the mind!!


Sandy wanted to take this parrot home for her back yard!  Yes, she is a bird lover…


This booth had plenty of ‘good stuff’!!


WHAT  THE???  It’s a car door…all rusty!!  Can you imagine bringing THIS home?  YIKES!!


And we found the fender down a few booth!!  Yard art??


Hmmm…what to wear to the Oscars?


I loved this butter churn but the price was out of sight!


More Oscar dresses….


…with Sandy in the mix!!  LOVELY!!  What do you think…ET’s BEST dressed?


A FLASH from the past…I’m not a smoker but I sure remember these…


You can NEVER have too many horns hanging…


But WHY stop at horns…go for the whole enchilada…horns, head and hooves!!  YIKES!!


No…that didn’t come home with me…although I may have nightmares about it for a long time to come!!

I did bring home this sweet crock pot…


…with the sweetest hand painting on the side.


And I bought a rug beater…you can NEVER have too many of these!! haha


Hope you enjoyed going to the Palm Spring’s Vintage Flea Markets…did you have any Flashes while there?  Did you get a little sentimental?…have any longings for a simpler time?… when you could float away in a bubble?

Well have I got a deal for you…IMG_0258 Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Love it. I can actually see that blue fountain in a yard down, may I ask why that white box/shelf thingy did not come home with you? Oh how I would love that...hung on my wall or sitting on another shelf with my wool rolled up in it,

  2. Fun stuff! I think the American Pickers and Pawn Stars have driven up the prices of junk! Love your crock!

  3. You're so lucky I wasn't there wrestling you to the ground for that adorable Piggy Pot! I might have swatted you with your rug beater to help me make my escape!

  4. That is definitely an eclectic market, and some weird items,lol. Love the star quilt and the crock, I need to get out more this summer.


  5. Looks like a interesting day of shopping. That gold houndstooth coat looked like it should have come home with you also. Your crock and rug beater were lovely finds,

  6. Looks like a fun day! That white cabinet would have definitely gone home with me.

  7. I can't believe you passed up that white piece of furniture with all the cubbies! I can just imagine it in my sewing room filled with fat quarters.

    I want it!!!!!!!!

  8. What a fun time. Love the crock pot. I remember using a rug beater on small rugs when doing the spring cleaning with my mom. Some of the items in pictures really made me think of the old times.

  9. Love flea marts! Looks like you found a real treasure in the crock!:)

  10. I actually love that blue fountain. Would be perfect for my son and another son would love those ashtrays though he does not smoke. I don't collect mid century modern but I think it is just such fun!

  11. Great crock! I'm afraid so many people would have liked the little white cupboard that the price may have jumped higher. I'd be in on that too - can see it holding a lot of different things - wonderful piece.
    The star quilt was nice too. Was the quilt your crock was sitting on yours or was it for sale too - I like it - scrappy.
    Continue to keep us posted on your travels - I`m loving it.

  12. Thanks for the tour - it was so interesting seeing all the treasures! I could spend all day in a place like that!

  13. I can't believe you didn't snare that wool coat!! :))

  14. I would like to have a flea market like that anywhere around here. Nothing but new cheap stuff being sold at the ones I have been to. I had forgotten about those bubble chairs and Goldie Hawn.