Thursday, March 13, 2014

Palm Spring’s Quilt Show…Part 2!

Oh man…I sure hope you aren’t getting sick of seeing quilts…beautiful prize winning quilts!  We are still at the Palm Spring Quilt Show…it may have been small but it was mighty! 

I thought this Montana Quilt was interesting.  Everyone should make a quilt like this about their home state or province!  Things they love about where they live!


This was one of the blocks found on this quilt…all hand appliqued!


I LOVED this Baltimore Album Christmas quilt…all hand appliqued and hand quilted!  It took the quilter ONLY two years to make and it was  StUNNING….


I LOVED the wee quilts in this Quilt Show!  This one held my eye for quite awhile!  I really liked the small scrappy Lil’Twisters in a row..and then put on-point !  I LOVED the wool applique stitched in the corners!  Small but mighty!!


AND then check out the machine stitching! WOWZERS!  Loved this one!


Loved the wonky wool flowers too!


A small Fall quilt…simple and sweet!


This Cathedral Windows quilt blew my socks off!!  OK…sew I wasn’t wearing socks…but my sandals definitely came unbuckled!  Why you ask?  Looks like any other Cathedral Window Quilt…?

IMG_0442Just LOOK at the size of this baby!  We are talking SMALL and very well done!  AMAZING!!


And how special was this Tie Quilt made out of novelty ties….  Check out the write up on this one!!


I bet the owner of this quilt treasures it and the workmanship put into it!


Loved this quilt…simple and stunning!


And also LOVED the one beside it!  I do love a one colour (plus neutral) quilt!


Now let’s go to the opposite extreme…just in case you’re falling asleep!  What makes this work FOR ME is the gorgeous Civil War Fabrics…I liked this one!  I really liked this one!IMG_0450

I also liked this one….each striped block was a series of striped fabrics.  The quilter who made this quilt was a genius with colour!


I think this one would be a fun one to make, especially if you were making it for a monster/alien lover!  I can see a young child getting a lot of delight out of this one…  (OR  you could traumatize him for life…)


I always like a good Homespun Quilt…. This one was covered with Trick or Treaters….

IMG_0474  IMG_0476

Loved this Red Work quilt….very sweet and beautifully done!


Another Baltimore Album Christmas….


WOW!!  Every house imaginable!  Even an RV!!


So there you have it…It will be another TWO years before the three guilds around the Palm Springs area unite for another one of their shows!  Hope you liked this year’s!  Like I said, it was small but mighty… Mighty FINE!  Thanks for coming along…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. WOW.. I have way too many wip to start anything else but you sure tempted me with this quilt tour.

    Thanks for taking me along.

    PS. Like I won't start anything else, yah right.

  2. What talent! I visited a few bi-annual quilt shows when visiting another part of the U.S. and did not see anywhere near what you have shown the last two days! Thanks for sharing again!

  3. So many beautiful quilts and such a variety! Lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loving all the quilts, really makes me want to start a new one, lol.


  5. What a variety of quilts you shared today. I like the Boring ones. The wild ones 'hurt my eyes'. Way out of my Box! Bi-Annual quilt show- no wonder they had so many detailed hand stitched quilts. Maybe a group class project? Thanks again for sharing. I'll return the favor next week after our Quilt show in Tri-Cities, Washington.

  6. Thanks for sharing some lovely quilts, I liked the twister with the appliqué, the heart flower plant pots, and the southwest inspired colour study.

  7. It is a good thing that I am alone as I look at these fantastic quilts because I gasp as each one comes into view. Anyone nearby would surely be concerned for my health. :-)
    Thanks for another wonderful quilt show tour.

  8. You are the best quilt show guide ever!!!! Thanks for the eye candy!!!

  9. So many talents and such a variety! It's amazing! Thank you.

  10. Wow, lots of eye candy. I think my favorite is the little twister with the wool. That one just spoke to me. (I'm still deciphering what exactly it said...) :)