Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vandy’s Candy!

First off, I just HAVE to show you Vandy’s quilt!!  Oh man…I wish you could REALLY see it…sew much better in person!  These pictures DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!

This KING size log cabin quilt was SPECTACULAR!!  HUGE!!  Look at all those feet and they still couldn’t get it to go FULL SIZE!!  Incredible!P1250161

The logs are 1 1/2” small and spectacular!


Vandy said she got together with a bunch of friends and they did a ‘strip’ exchange…the strips had to be Christmas prints in red, green and beige…


…then they traded…Just LOOK at the variety!!  Amazing!


It was hard to find the same print twice in this quilt!


Vandy quilted this quilt and did an awesome job…swirls and feathers!  This is an heirloom quilt for sure…I just love it!!  Christmas Candy at it’s best!


Anyone ‘out there’ interested in doing a strip swap??

When I got home from Heritage there was a package waiting for me!!  It was a gift from Val…she is the quilter who won my GIVE AWAY a few years back…and then went all the way to Palm Springs to collect it!!  You can read about my meeting with VAL HERE!  The title of that post was YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE…truer words were never spoken!!  Val is STILL nice!!


I guess when Val was down south she bought some wool…(you know how it goes… ‘someday I am going to make something’)…well Val decided that day was never going to come…so let’s give it to Paulette!!  Yippeee!! 

Just LOOK at that hand dyed wool in three shades of gold…yummy pumpkin colours!!  I know JUST the project!!


THANK YOU SEW MUCH, VAL!!  It’s true…you DO meet the nicest people while blogging!!  :o))))

Thanks SEW much for stopping by my little corner of the world…where the quilts are sweet as candy and you meet the nicest people!!  Have a terrific Tuesday!!~P


  1. Absolutely gorgeous log cabin quilt and beautiful wools.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt, another design I would like to try. Wool is always a nice treat.


  3. Strip Swap? I would love it! I have Christmas prints from the Eighties, and those shades of red and green have made a come back, but are still not a favorite with me. I prefer the deeper shades to the brights we see now, but a mix would be timeless, wouldn't it? You organize it, and we will come!
    Right, Sweet P fans?

  4. Glad the package arrived and I know the wool will be put to good use in your capable hands. I would be interested in a swap as well, fun to do one in Christmas fabrics.

  5. What a lovely Christmas quilt she has to enjoy for many years to come.

    A long time ago a group of us got together and end changed red and green strips. Ii think they were 2 1/2" strips. I'll have to find the two tops share some pictures. We sewed one of each together and did cross cuts into squares and then triangles. It made two very looking quilts.

    How lucky are you to get those lovely wools to add to yr stash. Enjoy them

  6. That is a great log cabin quilt. I love the idea of it being so scrappy and swapping strips for it. A perfect holiday quilt.

    Nice little package of fun from your bloggy friend too!

  7. Love the log cabin. FYI I just saw the Countdown to Christmas quilt from Temecula Quilt Co. that you posted on Pinterest. It won't let me contact you to get the instructions...you are blocked! Do you have them in a more condensed version that on the Temecula Quilt Co. site? Thanks!

  8. that is an awesome quilt!!!!!

  9. Wonderful quilt! There's just something about a log cabin isn't there!

  10. I'd love to have a log cabin quilt, and a strip swap would be a fabulous way to get one done. I'm in. I have many Christmas fabrics that I bought to use as backs on Prairie Schooler Santa ornaments I used to make. This was before I started quilting, so some fabrics are older. But this makes for good swapping I think.

  11. That quilt is definitely a stunner! Love it in a Christmas fabrics!

  12. Would love to do a xmas strip swap. I'm a sucker for log cabin quilts and this one looks awesome. Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. That log cabin quilt is amazing.
    I'm not committing to any swaps until the immigration is complete and I'm settles in NZ, maybe next year?

  14. That is one beautiful log cabin quilt!

  15. That is the most amazing log cabin quilt I have every seen. So unique with such small logs.

    YES! I would participate in a strip swap...

  16. Gorgeous quilt! I too would be interested in a swap of Christmas prints...

  17. The quilt is wonderful. If you were serious, I would be interested in a swap as well. The amazing variety of prints is part of what makes her quilt so interesting.
    valekort at yahoo dot com