Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Quilter’s Legacy…in Quilts…

At Heritage Quilt Guild we paid homage to one of our own…a beautiful person and a wonderful quilter, Joan Wallator.  She was a mother, grandmother, sewer and in the last fifteen years of her life became a quilter extraordinaire!

Here are just a few of her beautiful creations~P1240775P1240776

Joan was also an avid member of Heritage Quilting and could be seen quilting with her daughter, Carol, at her side!  P1240779


I use to admire the two women having this wonderful bond of quilting…how special for a mother and daughter!  Joan clearly had a strong influence on Carol, as she was both mentor and helper in Carol’s own ability in learning how to quilt.  What a great legacy to pass on to a daughter!P1240780P1240781

At the beginning of Joan’s quilting years she hand quilted all of her quilts but scleroderma in her hands (a form of arthritis) started to hinder this process…sew… did she quit quilting?  NEVER!  She just moved her quilts to the machine and would beautifully machine quilt all of her quilts!!


Joan was a self taught quilter and could always be found making quilts for her children…each treasuring at least three or four of their mother’s masterpieces! Her grandkids also have several of their Grandma’s quilts…made especially for them!  They can wrapped their quilts around their shoulders, pull tight… and it feels almost as good as getting a hug from Grandma!


Joan’s wonderful sense of colour is evident in all of her quilts and in her later years she was experimenting with borders.P1240786P1240787

Joan Wallator passed away on August 20, 2013 at the age of 82.  Joan may no long be with us but one thing is for sure…her spirit lives on in her quilts!  What an amazing legacy for a quilter to leave behind! 


I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of Joan’s many gorgeous quilts!!  I know I did!

P1240793P1240794  A Quilter’s Heaven…where everything matches, mitred corners are PERFECT, your hands and back NEVER ache, your eyes don’t need glasses,  your points are perfect and there is no such thing as a seam ripper!  Oh…and fabric is FREE!! 


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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute to your friend.

  2. Very special way to recognize a quilting friend. My heart and prayers go out to her family and friends.


  3. What a nice tribute. Beautiful quilts too.

  4. What a beautiful tribute! My deepest sympathy to the family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful tribute and her work is wonderful, as well. Love that kitty piece, so fun.


  6. Great memories and wonderful quilts.

  7. Thank you for sharing this loving tribute. What wonderful memories are in the quilts she left behind for her family.

  8. What a great body of work your friend left- Thanks for sharing her beautiful work- it is always inspiring to see the grand array of work produced by someone who loved color, fabrics and creating. I am sure her family members find great comfort in wrapping themselves in her beautiful quilts.

  9. That was a lovely tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing her quilts with us.

  10. Beautiful legacy left behind. May her family feel her quilty hugs as they use her gifts to them in years past.

  11. What a wonderful memorial. I'm sure her family appreciates this!