Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have YOU Voted??

I got a request from Blog Reader, Veronica…Would I please go over and have a look at her quilt…and ‘if I like it’ would I please vote for it?  Her quilt is entered in the Kansas Troubles Quilt Contest held at The Old Country Store Fabrics! 

So of course I hurried over to the Old Country Store for a gander…and almost fell off my chair!!…I not only WANTED to VOTE for it but I wanted to MAKE this quilt!!  DANG CUTE!!


Would you believe that ‘Holly Basket’ is an original design by Veronica!  This Veronica is one talented quilter!!  I absolutely LOVE the simplistic beauty of this quilt! The machine piecing is beautifully done, and the hand-applique includes holly leaves, yo-yo berries, diamond stars in each of the four corners <3, and gently curving stems. I want this quilt!!  Veronica’s basket boasts the Icicle Kisses yardage with holiday greetings, such a nice touch.  And is that selvage strips making up the basket?!  Wonderful addition!   She credits Kim Young with the machine quilting which features a variety of designs (just LOOK at those feathers!!), including two scales of stippling, and can you make out the holly leaves?  Perfection!

Veroncia, you could SELL this pattern!! 

Now come on people, rally around Veronica’s quilt and send her some bloggy love by VOTING FOR THIS MASTERPIECE!! I’m not denying it…the competition is tough!!  Lots of lovely quilts were entered but frankly, Veronica wins my vote hands down!  Head on over for a look- see…and perhaps a VOTE!!  You can go to the site HERE

Don’t you love blogland…you just don’t know where you are headed or who you are going to meet next or what quilt you are going to stumble onto!!…Yup…life’s great!
Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow! I'm in love with that quilt as well. Surely you can convince Veronica to write up a pattern for it! I would love to make it!

  2. What a great quilt Veronica has made. It would also look good with wool, don't you think? I went to the website to vote (and did), and there were also some gorgeous quilts besides Veronica's. Thanks for bringing our attention to this talented quilter.

  3. Love her quilt!!! get's my vote!!
    thanks Paulette for passing this on.

  4. Veronica's quilt is gorgeous. I'm heading to the website to vote. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Fantastic - I have voted for it and would to make one myself.

  6. I love her quilt. We do need her to write up the pattern. All the quilts were beautiful but I did vote for her.
    Thanks for sharing this Paulette.

  7. Thank you so much Paula , thank you for the sweet words and the vote. I've never done this before. I took a chance and entered , and was shocked when I was chosen as a finalist. It's been so exciting to see my quilt online . And find out people like my work. And Paulette was so sweet to post such a nice thing for me. Maybe I will do patterns one day. It's something to think about for sure ! Anyway , was really nice of you to take the time for me. Veronica

  8. Lol. I messed that up. I thought I was sending an email to thank Paula. I stink at computer stuff lol. I'm clueless. Better stick to quilting and sewing.

  9. I had already voted and was for this quilt!It just popped out to me! The others are also amazing!

  10. Beautiful quilt Veronica! You've got my vote! Thanks P for sharing...