Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Joan’s FINISHED Projects!!

Yikes!!  I slept in this morning!  I usually wake up before the rooster crows (literally!) but this morning no rooster could be heard!  I guess he slept in too!!

SEW…what can we talk about this morning?…I know, let’s talk Christmas PROJECTS…

Let me share JOAN’S FINISHED projects with you…Joan is a Heritage member and as you can see, she is a beautiful quilter…but unlike the rest of us…OK, ok…unlike ME…she seems to FINISH her projects and in a timely fashion!!~

Check it out~Is this not adorable?



Joan said that she got the pattern from a magazine..


Dang sweet…wouldn’t it look great done up in WOOL too!(insert a little light bulb icon here!!)


Yup, I can see us all scrambling as we look through our magazines…


And Joan also made these sweet mug rugs…out of Christmas print!  She said she can bang off FOUR a night!  And note…they have their binding on and they are FINISHED!!


What lovely gifts these are going to make!!  Way to go, Joan!!  (sheesh…she is such an over achiever!!:)

Hey…maybe I’ll get something FINISHED today too?  Ahhh who am I kidding? 

Hope you get to finished a project or two this Tuesday!  Regardless, it’s a beautiful sunny day here on our incredible island…and all is right with the world…finished or NOT!~P


  1. Let us know if anyone discovers the magazine where Joan found the tree quilt pattern. It doesn't look familiar to me. I like the unique tree branch design, and the packages are just adorable. The mug rugs will be great for using extra strips...a quick stocking stuffer or quilting friend gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are really fun projects and I am in the mood to do something new today, but baby is coming soon, so not sure how much I will get done, lol.


  3. That tree is soo cute. It reminds me of the wonky flying geese that I learned to make with Mary Lou Weidman but I can see these ones are appliquéd not pieced.

    The background fabric is fabulous, thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  4. Oh Oh….how cute! I would take some of everything you posted!!

  5. I love the wall hanging and cute mug rugs. I'd also be interested where Joan got the pattern. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are having lovely weather because it's freezing in Eastern Ontario. Brrrr!

  6. I'm loving that tree! The branches look like they are padded applique?

  7. I like the tree, and absolutely love the mug rugs.

  8. Such a cute whimsical Christmas tree. I want to know what's in the packages.