Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another UFO…

Well..I hate to be the one to break it to you but tomorrow is DECEMBER 1st!!  Yup!!  Now tell me, how did THAT happen?  BUT not to worry, you have 25 whole days to get ready for Christmas!!  For me I have in SEVEN DAYS!  We are having a family get together next weekend on the 7th and 8th before we leave on the 11th.  The good news is…all the presents have been bought, they just need to be wrapped.  A bit of baking needs to be done, I have a ladies pot luck dinner on Tuesday, along with a pedicure in the morning, Heritage on Monday, a wedding on Wednesday and I have GOT to squeeze my sister in there somewhere!  You hear where I am heading…I will be carted off in the RV wearing a straight-jacket!!  :o))
The sad news is…I’m going to have to shut down the Sewing Room…:o((  I’ve been doing tons of sewing…but nothing I can show you…yet!!  Thanks goodness for friends!
Yesterday, Sharon (from Victoria) read my post on finishing up the Deceased Quilter’s UFO…  she just HAD to share the project that she bought at the same Quilter’s Estate Garage Sale and finished!!  Yes, I met Sharon at the GS…in fact she is the one who had emailed me to tell me about the sale!
Just LOOK at what Sharon (and Diana- the deceased quilter) created!! Spectacular!
If you remember, Diana had about 500+ UFOs…YES, you read correctly…that is NOT a typo!!  There were bags and bags and bags and bags of fabric with 2 or 3 blocks inside and at every GS more bags were added!  I think there were about 8-10 GSs in total!
Sharon did an awesome job of resurrecting this quilt!!  I’m sure that there was a quilter ‘up there’ cheering Sharon on!!
Sharon also bought of bag of fabric and turned it into a Sunshine Block which she is donating to the “Sunshine for All” quilt.  This is a quilt project that was started by an Australian man who is battling cancer.  It sounds like Sharon is going to be hand delivering it to him while in Australia!IMG_5764
While on the plane, Sharon is planning on hand stitching the rest of these blocks…23 more to go!!  Diana would be SEW proud!
Yup…isn’t it wonderful how Diana’s UFOs are taking shape…and by complete strangers!  Quilters are the best!!  Thanks for sharing, Sharon!!  You are going to have some wonderful quilts when you are finished!!  And have fun in Australia!
FREE!!  Do I have your full attention?
Just feast your eyes on this sweet baby~It’s called ‘Peppermint Pinwheels’ and it’s FREE!!  You heard me!! FREE!   Heartsdesire is working on this sweet mat right now…fast and easy were her words, not mine…and it’s going to be on her coffee table shortly!!  I would LOVE to make a few of these for gifts but I have officially run out of time…but YOU haven’t!!
Hustle over HERE, download the pattern and get cracking!!  You can do it…After all you DO have 25 days till Christmas!!  SEW..on your mark, get set… GO!!
‘Peppermint Pinwheels’ is an early Christmas present from quilt designer,  Kathleen Tracy…THANK YOU, TRACY!!  We appreciate it…don’t we gang?!!  Uhhh…GANG??  Looks like they have all left to go and download their prezzie!  :O)


  1. menuda semana!!!
    es muy, muy intensa
    gracias por compartir
    no se canse mucho

  2. Sounds like a busy and fun time! Enjoy!!

  3. I'm just finishing up my pinwheel quilt today and it really was fast, and sooo cute. I think it could be made in different colours for other seasons.
    Another great quilt from the estate gs quilter. Everything looks so perfect and beautiful. I wonder how many more of her WIPs have been finished?

  4. is there a special kind of caffeine quilters run on? sounds like a busy time coming up for you! love her quilt that is just beautiful, hope she has the bestest time ever on her trip! hugs to the fellow in Australia!

  5. Closing my eats, I don't hear you, lol.
    My machine decided to build nests so I redid everything including a new needle and she still does it, so gave up and got the new mini out, not as fast but it did the job, so glad I got the spare.


  6. I love the drunkards path and I love that quilt that she got put together. Finding UFO's at a sale is so much fun.My daughter was on the receiving end of a craft room clean out from an elderly lady now in a nursing home. So much fun.

  7. One of my friend give a free too, you can find it here:
    And in her little shop you can find what she offered the previous years