Friday, November 1, 2013

Some Good Stuff…

So ends a great trip…BUT before I go I have got to share the other ‘stuff’…the other good stuff that happened in Calgary…besides the quilty stuff!
You saw all the quilting shops that we visited (if you missed them then go and see the last two posts…incredible shops!!)…BUT we also managed to squeeze in a hike to ‘Forget Me Not Lake’ in Kananaskis Park!  So incredibly beautiful…IMG_0984
Can you see the bench right in the middle of the bottom picture?  All around the lake were memorial benches placed here and there in the woods…so appropriate for ‘Forget Me Not Lake’!!
We walked right around the lake and into the stream bed where the dogs were able to run…
Speaking of dogs here are my Grand-dogs…Lola and Scout…
This is Lola looking very regal…she is the oldest and has grown calmer with age!  Yes, she is a Golden Doodle and she is big and beautiful and VERY affectionate!!
Here is her baby sister, Scout…experiencing her first SNOWFALL!! (yes, it snowed the day I left!!)
I don’t know…do you think Scout is going to like snow?!
Isn’t she just the cutest dog…besides Lola, that is!  She is soft and cuddly and turning into the most affectionate dog! 
Yes, the snow made for fun travel…see those red things out there…they are ploughing the snow off the runway!
And it took an extra hour and 15 minutes to de-ice!
While I was at the airport…waiting…and flying home, my daughter was busy painting and decorating her thrift sale find that she bought the day before.
photo (2)-002
Two coats of Annie Sloan paint, a layer of wax…a little distressing and a new knob turned this little cabinet into a gem!  If you look closely you can see her new ‘Winter’s Lane’ stash waiting in the window!!  I predict that she will be in need of a much bigger stash cupboard in the not too distant future!! haha
And Erin paused long enough to take this picture…yes, her rag quilt blocks are already cut out and sandwiched…this is going to make the softest rag quilt for her BF’s parents!  (She bought the fabric the day before!)
photo (3)
AND isn’t it nice to discover that your kids can COOK!  Seriously..I am not a great cook…I cook to live. Food is not high on my pecking order… I would much rather sew than eat…just ask my hubby!
This was dinner on my first night in Calgary…or rather this is what was left of it… AND it was made by my daughter!!  Butternut Squash stuffed pasta with prawns and scallops in a delicious butter/lemon sauce!!  YUM!!  P1240697
The next night it was homemade pizza…dough and sauce from scratch…to die for!! 
Again this is the left-overs from four pizzas!  The BEST pizza EVER!!  I could get use to this!!
This from a child of MINE!!  Who knew?!! 
Before I go I have to show you this…so dang cute!!P1240698
It’s a piece of log painted with several coats of blackboard paint.  Erin writes down what she loves about the current season!  Hey, where’s QUILTING??  What the… no mention of Quilting??  You will have to forgive her…she is new to the craft!!:0)
So ends my trip to Calgary!!  Yup…I had a great time!!  Excellent food, fantastic quilt shops, a thrift shop bargoon or two, two amazing, cuddly grand-dogs, an incredible hike, a snowy day and time spent with a VERY creative and talented daughter..and her very patient and hospitable BF!  I loved every moment!!  Thanks guys!
Hope you have a Friday filled with family FUN!! ~P
PS…  Let me end with this picture of my girls playing with their friends…Scout is the one up in the air, on the left:0))) and Lola is the white one, to the right…ignoring her sister…or at least trying to!  817121662
Ahhh…It’s a dogs’ life!


  1. Just checking in….seeing what you're up to!

    I must say what really caught my eye was
    THE EATS your daughter cooked up! YUM!

  2. I love your post today, the food looks great but the dogs are having so much fun the way they should have.

  3. Paulette, this is the most fun, adorable, loving post EVER---Wish I had been along on this trip with you---love love love those grand-furbabies!!!

  4. I must say that I love your first and last picture of the post! Made my day :)

  5. There was actually leftovers? LOL
    Love those photos, definitely a place I would like to visit someday.


  6. Looks like so much fun! The lake, the dogs and time spent with your daughter (not to mention the great quilt shops ;). Love the pics... thanks for sharing. Karen on Keuka

  7. That is the cutest photo of the dogs running!

  8. I really enjoyed your post, so many lovely pictures. The dogs are so cute.

  9. Oh, Paulette, it sounds as if you had such a wonderful time--I'm missing my Mom, it may be time to pay her a visit soon!

  10. Great pictures! Your trip sounds like it was fantastic!

  11. Isn't life grand, I enjoyed "our trip"... Thanks.

  12. Scout is adorable! The picture of the lake looks like a painting on my monitor, very pretty! I hate to get de-iced for some reason not sure why but now pizza is whole other story, I love very busy workdays, good reason for a treat to the pizza place. Have a great weekend!

  13. Just the cutest granddogs EVER ;)

    Love the homemade pizze and OMG... pumpkin ravioli??? It all looks great!