Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby it’s COLD outside…

There’s ice on our ponds, frost on the back deck and the car windows need scrapping…and the fireplace is going…yup Winter is fast approaching!! A good day to stay in and stitch!

No, I didn’t stitch this wonderful little mat…but I SHOULD have because I just KNOW that this is around the corner!!  This is a Butternut Basin Pattern that Claire was working on…It says it all, don’t you think?  Dang cute!

claire's winter mat

I have been trying to use up everything that’s in our freezer before we leave…So when I found a bag of turkey meat (left-overs from our Thanksgiving) I said out loud “PERFECT!!”  And believe me, it was the perfect day for some Turkey Soup!!!  I made a huge pot of it too!  Leftovers for at least two-three days!!  Even better!  You know what left-overs mean…more time for sewing!!  And sew I did…but it’s all secrets…a real Santa’s workshop!

Good thing I received pictures from Veronica!!  Remember her…she’s the sweet lady from NY who designed and quilted this beautiful quilt and then went outside her comfort zone and entered it in a contest…   1008.full__width_750

The contest is STILL OPEN…if you haven’t already done so, you can still vote for Veronica’s quilt by going HERE!  Wouldn’t she be tickled RED AND GREEN if she won?!!

Let me show you a little more of what has kept Veronica busy these past few weeks…

This gorgeous Fall Snowball Quilt…isn’t it wonderful…

photo (1)

And here is a close-up of the quilting!!  PUMPKINS on a vine!  WOW!!


And this is Veronica’s first attempt at working with wool…me thinks a new WOOLIE is born!  Love the way she took this pattern and made it her own…do you see how she is making the penny fit her little oval table!!  Perfect!  Wool is hard to come by where Veronica lives so she is stitching the wool onto a cotton print background!!  VERY pretty!

photo (2)

SEW…that’s it for Veronica’s Show and Tell this morning!!  Hope that these pictures warmed your soul as much as they warmed mine!!

Thanks SEW much for sharing, Veronica…and good luck with the contest!!  Regardless of the outcome, you are already a winner in my books!!

Have a sunny Sunday…and stay warm…just stitch faster!!~P


  1. It's winter here for sure now. We had a good 5" of snow north of Toronto overnight. It's actually sunny and very beautiful. Voted for your friend. Enjoy your day.

  2. Cold here too! Love the little snowman Winter scene - it will be here soon.

  3. I had fun making the little winter piece, wool mats are fun and relaxing to work on. When will you be at the campground?


  4. preciosos trabajos !!!
    buena semana

  5. I have that same Winter wool project pattern...of course mine isn't even started. UGH.