Sunday, November 3, 2013

Snowy Day = Sewy Day

Check it out!!  My daughter, the quilter, put the metal to the petal yesterday…and got ‘er done!!  It was another snowy day in Calgary so it was the perfect SEW DAY (her words…not mine!!)

This picture was taken on Monday…

photo (3)-001

and TA DUH!  This Rag Quilt was FINISHED on Saturday!!

photo (4)

Love it!!  So warm and cozy for those Snowy Nights…

And the good news…she has enough fabric to do it all over again! (her words…not mine! :0)))

Have a super stitching Sunday!!~P


  1. I would love to snuggle under such a lovely, cozy quilt. Ann in PA

  2. What a beautiful rag quilt! I love mine! :0)

  3. Good job! I love those rag quilts, has she seen the pattern for a Christmas Tree rag quilt--I made one of those years ago.

  4. She did a beautiful job on it and love the north woods fabrics.


  5. I love rag quilts but have never made one. I have a pattern to make one in a Christmas tree design. I might add that to my 2014 list ;)

    Your daughter's quilt is very her fabric choices.

  6. LOVE her new rag quilt!! I've been gearing up to make one for a Christmas gift and would love to know what size she made her blocks?


  7. Doesn't that look great? It would seem she's really got the quilting bug.