Friday, November 29, 2013

Flying South for the Winter…

…takes a lot of time and effort…yesterday I worked on packing clothes…not an easy task this year as I have lost a bit of weight..down a size or two!!  (insert happy dance!) But it meant that I had to sort out the FAT capris from the NOT SO FAT capris…it took forever but I got ‘er done!  Meantime our bedroom looked like bomb had gone off!  Fingers crossed that when we get back from FOUR months of ‘snowbirding’ that I won’t need those FAT capris again!!

It’s always so easy for those pounds to creep on when you are in an RV…you know how it is..on holiday…going out for dinners…sitting around the campfire eating munchies…going out for lunch with the ‘girls’…OK I do that here but with other ‘girls’! :) 

Today I will start on the cupboards in the RV…sorting and stocking up…NO munchies…and making lists…absolutely NO MUNCHIES go on that list!

Let’s change the topic…I’m getting hungry!!  I have an almost finish topper..and this one kind of snuck up on me…

Do you remember how I went to that Quilter’s Estate Sale?…WELLL…let me refresh your memory…

Do these look familiar?  I bought several bags of lovely little triangles and squares!  Look how the quilter had marked the stitching lines to EVERY triangle and square!!


As I said, I bought several bags that LOOKED like triangles and most did but in one bag there were three completed blocks!!  Dang sweet blocks and…


…the wee pieces to make MORE!!  So I sorted them into trays and whenever I had a moment I would stitch together another block…and before I knew it…I had the making for a little topper!


Yesterday I sewed the rows together and put on the borders…DANG SWEET!


The plan is that I will machine quilt it after I sort out the RV, clean the house and wrap gifts!  After FMQ, I REALLY want to do some big stitching in the borders… but that can wait for when we are in the RV.. in between eating all those munchies!  

Forget the pounds, don’t you love it when the QUILTS sneak up on you like that??  Now THAT I can handle!

Thanks for stopping by…and happy stitching!!


  1. Its beautiful and congrats on losing weight!

  2. WOW! It is beautiful.
    Congrats on weight loss. Although, I think I found it. LOL!

  3. Beautiful Paulette...think I have a few bags too.

  4. Very pretty! It's great when you can finish up someone else's UFO!

  5. That turned out very cute! Good luck with your travel prep.

  6. Wow, what a great find. Those Ohio Stars are exactly what I'm working on for the interior of a signature quilt I'm making (Kathleen Tracey's from Civil War Sewing Circle) I could use one of those bags! Your quilt turned out really cute.

    Good job on the weight loss, and enjoy your winter, wherever you land!

  7. You have such a good eye for picking up these things. Those triangles are great. And what a sweet quilt they made. So glad you're finishing off another of the estate quilter's WIPs. I can't imagine all the hand-sewing hours she put in. Congrats on dropping a few pounds. It sure isn't easy. Hope you don't need the FAT capris when you get back.

  8. That is gorgeous, love the shades and the areas were it changes shades into shadows.


  9. What a great find, how lucky are you!

    I particularly like the turquoise and gold combination star. They look lovely twinkling together. Have fun quilting it.

    Enjoy your time away.

  10. Great quilt top, so wish the flimsys would sneak up as easily as the extra pounds! Congratulations on getting the better of them both!

  11. love the blocks, all sewn up.

    you best take you some munchies, healthy ones at least, nuts, seeds, fruit, etc.. otherwise the first convenience store you get to will call you by name. here she comes.............., let's get her!! grin. have a great trip!

  12. Great job as usual. Good girl on the weight loss, I think I've gained your lost lbs and with the holidays it's going to get worse. :-(

  13. Talk about dedicated... The quilt top came out beautifully Paulette! Congratulations. Can't wait to see the quilting you do. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Delighted to hear you are flying south. I hope you have a good "flight" (journey) and safe travels. Sure hope to be able to connect with you when you are South. Maybe a hike in the desert, time at Road, or some fun quilt shopping and touring?


  15. Nice to have the stars sneak up and make themselves at home with you. Lucky that you happened to find the finished blocks to help you assemble the rest. I wonder what you will FMQ on it?? Safe journeys, Wave as you pass my State on your way through.

  16. LOVE the stars and I can't believe it's that time already to be heading south. Does it feel like you just unpacked the RV after getting home? Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family and a safe trip to your winter digs :).
    Hugs - Karen

  17. Great star blocks--they really make a wonderful quilt top!

  18. Lovely Quilt. It is very classic.