Sunday, November 17, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

I’m late…I’m late…it’s been two looonnnng weeks since our last Heritage Quilt Guild Meeting and I haven’t shared what we did on that day!!  Sorry ladies…

This sweet bunny quilt was getting pinned ready for quilting!!


Dang cute and it will surely be all ready for Spring/Easter!  Now that’s thinking ahead!


This picture proves that you are never too young or too old to quilt!  This young lady made this quilt for a new great grandbaby!


There is a challenge happening at Heritage…and it involves the ‘colours’ Black and White.  I don’t know the details but I do know that a lot of the ladies are jumping on the band wagon…as the next four quilts will prove…


Loved the subtle green influence to break up the black and white stripes!


And LOVED the surprise pop of colour in Sharon’s Black and White quilt…see the square of green in the bottom right corner?  :o) It’s got to make you smile!


Now this is my kind of Black and White quilt!!  LOVEly!!  I think this is a Kathy Schmitz pattern…now that’s only a guess so don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me if I’m wrong…


This one is from the panel challenge…very clever!!


And this one is nice way to show how you feel…ahhhhhhhh….


Gorgeous quilt…with lots of eye candy to draw you in!


WOW!!  This quilt blew me away…can you imagine how long this one took Diane to make…and all from scraps!!  Definitely a Scrap Happy Quilt!


Snails Tails on a roll…wonderful quilts…and just LOOK at those borders!  Such fun!


Betty and her charity quilts…isn’t she amazing?!!


I REALLY liked these Halloween Runners…


They are definitely worthy of a close-up!!  Look at how the quilter made these…she cleverly ‘built’ the houses…and then….


.. she took this fabric below and cut out all the little cartoon creatures and machine appliqued them onto her runner…and presto FABULOUS Halloween Runners!  Genius!


AND I LOVE* LOVE this runner!!  Simple but very sweet!  And look at the pop of green in the striped border!!  WOW!!  I want…


And a close-up…


And using a panel of Halloween motifs this quilter turned them into gorgeous and fun Halloween placemats/table mats!


Glynis generously donated this lovely quilt to Charity…and Hazel quilted it!!  Can you spot the quilted fir trees??


Lucky Hazel recently bought the computer gizmo that attaches to her long arm so she is able to punch in certain quilting motifs…this is the fir trees…I love the way the trees are always up right no matter which way you look at this quilt!  Do you see what I mean…


Look at the trees here…now see the reverse of the tree…very clever design!


Gawd I’m bad with name…I want to say Roxanne…but I know that’s not right…sorry!!  Anyways… ‘Roxanne’ was working on this amazing lamb…


Dang sweet!  I always get sew excited when I see anyone working in wool!  I know there would be a lot more Woolies around if our shops would only sell the wool patterns and wool!!  They would clean up if they sold kits…just sayin’!


I can’t wait to see this one finished…and will get ‘Roxanne’s’ name sorted out!!  I tell you…this getting old is not for the weak!!


Another Scrap Happy quilt getting pinned ready for quilting!!!  Very pretty!


It’s a good thing that we have several tables ready for pinning or we would have long waits…We have prolific quilters in our group!


And Carol finished off her neutral quilt…isn’t it incredible!  I love the way she….


…sewed covered button into each block’s center!  A little surprise POP to this quilt!!


Glynis was busy working on these little itty bitty hexagon blocks…stay tuned to see what they form!!


This is a gift for someone who is moving…a little reminder of the Cowichan Valley and the City of Totems!


A gorgeous baby quilt…so soft and cozy!


An this funky Vegetable/Cat quilt…yup you heard me!!  There is Cauliflower Cat, Avacado-cat, Eggplant Cat and Mushroom Cat.  They have cuter real names but you get the idea…


This apron cleaned up in Prizes at our Local Cowichan Exhibition…P1240959

…and it was also the big winner at the BC Fair!!  Way to go, Genny!!


Well one thing is for sure…I need to carry around a pen and notebook to record names and quilt names!!  But then how could I visit and take pictures and drink coffee…and talk quilts…geeze a quilter can only do SEW much!!  BUT…I will try…

Thanks for stopping by…Heritage Is always lots of fun!!  Happy stitching!~P


  1. You are so hilarious! We love all that you do for us. Showing us all these wonderful quilts and encouraging us to make some ourselves is why I read your blog. Love the productivity of your group. It makes me feel like I better get busy. Thanks for the inspiration. K-

  2. Wow! A load of good stuff today. Those witches are so darn cute! How do people think up these things. A traditional Snails Trail block turned into something so creative.

  3. Wow! So much inspiration! I love the black and white quilts, and the witches with the snail trail hats is so cool! :0)

  4. You just need to enjoy yourself and if taking photos fits in, all the better!

  5. What a talented group you have. And thanks for sharing with us. I truly appreciate the effort you put forth to take me along.

  6. I love those bunnies tender.
    Beautiful work;)
    Greetings :)

  7. Lots of wonderful quilts and woolies, always fun to see the ladie's work.


  8. Wow! What eye candy- thanks for sharing!! You do a wonderful job in sharing your pictures and doing all the write ups. We appreciate ALL you do and you do a FANTASTIC job doing it!!:)