Monday, November 18, 2013

Mitered Corners…

At the last Heritage Meeting there was a mini workshop in the kitchen on Mitered Corners…I thought you might like to see how it’s done!

You probably wouldn’t normally use mitered corners on a busy print but sometimes adding them to all of the borders adds an elegant classy touch… here’s an example…


And stripes just cry out for mitered corners…doesn’t this look perfect…so tailored and classy!


And this ribbon border just POPS!!


Cathy even showed us how to match up the print!!  Isn’t this pretty!  Cathy said it’s important to buy a print that has 4 stripes for all four sides (many of the bolts only have three…).  If your fabric only has two or three stripes then you need to buy double the fabric.


Step ONE…Mark the 1/4” stitch line at the corner of your quilt.  Just mark a dot…when stitching you will STOP at this dot.  (sorry no picture of this BUT you can see the dot in my LAST PICTURE!!)

Step TWO…Cut your borders 6” longer than the outermost length of your quilt sides. 

Step THREE…Mark the half way point on each side of your quilt and mark your half way point on each border strip.

Step FOUR…Pin the border to one side of your quilt top with right sides together.  START at the center (your marked half way point) and pin right up to your corner marked points.

Step FIVE…Using a short stitch length, put your needle down on that marked CORNER DOT that you marked in step ONE and sew the seam STOPPING at the opposite corner dot (needle up and down, up and down to secure ends in the dot). 

Step SIX…Repeat steps 4-6

Step SEVEN…Refer to the picture below…Place the quilt top right side up on the table.  Smooth out one border.  Turn the other corner piece under and line up the stripe, seam or print.  When you are happy with the placement press flat.  Put a piece of green or blue painter’s tap on the fold to hold.


Step EIGHT…Take it back to the machine and open up the diagonal line.  Put the needle down in the same DOT MARK and sew to the outside corner in the crease but not catching the tape.


Step Nine…Peel the tape off and check to see how it looks…adjust if necessary.  Trim the seam allowance to 1/4” and press the seam open.

Check out the picture…can you see the Marked Corner dot?  Looks fairly easy doesn’t it?   


Next time my quilts are crying out for a little more class, I miter just give this a try!! 

How about you…have you ever mitered your corners?  Maybe give it a try…you miter be surprised at how easy it is!

Have a Miter Marvellous Monday!~P

Ok..ok…enough with the miter ‘jokes’…you’d think I was in Grade One or something…


  1. When I first learned to quilt, the way I was taught to make borders was to miter them, so I mitered all my borders! Other than the tape, my method was pretty much the same as what you show. I have since "learned better" and miter only when it makes a difference visually. At any rate, its a really good skill to know, as mitered borders can be visually stunning - as you have shown us. Thanks for the great instructions, P! love, Sandy

  2. Wow, you should do a tutorial on how to get those perfectly pointy corners on your binding. I try and try and only get them sometimes.

  3. Thank you, after 13 years of quilting I have never mitred a border and as I am a visual learner, I think all I needed was your tute! I have always avoided border prints for this reason, but now I don't need to! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Is the title Mitred Corners the same as Mitered Corners?? You make such beautiful quilts and you are my inspiration -- I haven't made one yet but I have thought about it...with Christmas coming up maybe I will finish the table runner I started last year--
    it could be a UFO busted!! I will keep you posted.

  5. I have always steered away from mitered corners as l thought they were to hard to do... looked easy on youtube. But l was finally forced into doing them yesterday and found my fear was unwarranted... Finished another ufo in the process. This quilt has been waiting for me to attempt those mitered corners for at least four years.

  6. I like the border done with the stripe. I have made quilts with Jinny Beyer fabrics that make such pretty designs in the corner when you take time to match things up. A more elegant look and now I am into prim so I haven't done that in several years.