Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Seasoned Pro…

Do you remember Sandy?  She wasThe Clubhouse Quilter learning how to quilt last Winter…or was it the Winter before…sheesh..Don’t those years tend to melt into each other! 

Sandy started off making a rag quilt…then she moved on and made this quilt from a Block of the Week program for beginning quilters hosted by Pat Sloan…


She did an awesome job on this quilt and learned a lot in the process!


Sandy invited me over for lunch but I THINK it was more to help her sort out this buggy baby holder…it was tricky but cute! (Lunch was delicious!!)


Then she whipped this huge quilt up for her grand-daughter, Taylor!  VERY cute and she quickly became the ‘Favourite Grandma’!!


Sandy cleaned up at the Cowichan Exhibition with this sweet little basket quilt…

Copy (2) of P1240219

Well look at what she whipped up this month…all by herself!  This gorgeous quilt top…made out of Kansas Trouble fabric and using the pattern, ‘Patchwork Fields’ by Donna Davis (found in Winter 2011 edition of Easy Quilts).IMG_0013 (2)

This is one big quilt and will be quilted by Hazel…so stay tuned!!  Sandy is thinking ‘oak leaves’ quilted all over this quilt…oh yeah!! 


Sandy also has another woolie finished…FROST MUGS!!  It’s dang cute too and finished in plenty of time for Winter!


Looks like she is almost ready for Winter…and another session of Clubhouse Quilting down south!!  This time she will return as a seasoned quilter ready to teach a newbie how to quilt! 

Thanks for stopping by to help celebrate Sandy’s accomplishments!  Who knew…?!!  Just kidding, Sandy!!…:0)~P


  1. applause, applause for Sandy. Way to go, Sandy.

  2. Sandy has been one busy quilting lady. Love the sweet little basket quilt. Congrats Sandy for all that you've accomplished this year.

  3. Beautiful work Sandy! You just know when someone 'gets it' and boy, Sandy got it!

    Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with when you get down south :)

  4. Hazel will do a fantastic job on this quilt...and maybe give me more inspiration Paullette!!

  5. Sandy has some fabulous projects here! Thanks for the show and tell!

  6. Thanks Paulette. Does this mean I am no longer a beginner quilter???

  7. Great show, always love seeing what other's make. I still need to do my snowball piece, but avoiding ironing right now.


  8. You go Sandy -- beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing P. Take good care.

  9. whoot whoot!!
    she has done an amazing round of projects, just loved them all, yes, oak leaves would be great!

  10. Wow, that is amazing. I love it when another person is added to the ranks of quilter. YEA!!!!

  11. Wow for Sandy! Can you let her know that Mondays are "ON" for beading in the north hall? Another thing she is super duper at!!!!

  12. I'd say that Sandy was a quick learner and the quilting bug has settled in for a long haul.