Saturday, November 16, 2013

She’s Done it AGAIN!!

Oh man…on man…HOW does she do it??  And so often?  I am of course, talking about Karen Walker’s newest quilting designs for Craftsy!

When I opened Karen’s post on her “…Laugh Yourself Into Stitches” Blog a week or so ago this quilt was looking back at me!  I swear I almost fell off my chair!  LOVE* LOVE* LOVE this quilt!!  Isn’t it pretty?!  Everything about this quilt is gorgeous…the soft colours, the crisp whiteness, the candy pinwheels and then the swirling quilting  is the icing on this quilt!!  Like a snowstorm on Christmas morning!  And the name of this quilt…Poppa’s Tree Farm!  I just KNOW that there is a lovely story to go with this name!!

            PTF water marked

Ok…here is Poppa’s Tree Farm made up in a totally different colour way…and I STILL love it!!!  I don’t think you can wreck this quilt with a wrong fabric/colour choice!  I have GOT to make this quilt!!


As if this isn’t enough Karen pulled another of her designs out of the air…I also love this quilt!!  And again this quilt would be wonderful in every fabric!  I can see it done in Winter Reds or the blues of Nature’s Basket by Blackbird…or totally scrap happy!!  Yup…I’m loving this quilt too!

SfeS watermarked

The good news is Karen, being the VERY generous designer that she is,  is having a GIVE AWAY!!  Yup, TWO lucky quilters are going to own BOTH of these patterns!!  But you better HURRY…the drawing is  TOMORROW, Sunday, Nov 17th!!

Go NOW…GO HERE and GO HURRY!!  (Good luck!) 

If you can aren’t lucky enough to win…you can always order the patterns HERE…they are only $7.00 each (you can have a paper copy mailed) OR you can get an instant download!!  Just THINK.. you could have both these patterns in your hot little hands in a matter of moments…Gawd, I LOVE the Internet!!

Have a wonderful Saturday and happy stitching!!


  1. I saw Poppa's Tree Farm last week also and it caught my eye. It's a beauty. Thanks for the links! Have a great weekend!

  2. I spotted this quilt/pattern on Pinterest and went bonkers. I HAD to have it. I want to make it for this Christmas but...

    I need to find 'the' fabric. LOL

  3. I know it! I was blown away too :) They're awesome! I only looked at it a day ago, but I love the name Poppa
    's Tree Farm-- and the Stars for all seasons has the prettiest pictures with that old metal chair. I can't stop thinking about it!

  4. wow these are beautiful! I just love Christmas themed quilts. these are all over the top!

  5. Love the Poppa's Tree Farm Quilt and it has to go on my "gotta" list too! I used to go with my Dad to buy our Christmas tree -- to this day I still love the smell of pine . . . what a great memory . . . a treasure!!! I'm so happy you found it!

  6. Thanks Paulette for the heads up. Just entered and keeping my fingers and toes crossed!:) Hope you're enjoying your weekend!:)