Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Got ‘er Done…

…and with 14 days to spare!! 


This is the quilt that is going in the RV…it will add a little bit of warmth to those cool nights on the desert!


This is the quilt that I was so upset over because my FMQ was sew bad!  Thank goodness the BIG stitches around the vine saves it…:o)

Yup…I’m actually liking this quilt…Come on work with me…focus on those big stitches!!


I also love the red binding…


…it’s sort of like my garden at home… some of the flowers are lovely…


…and some not sew much!!P1250182

BUT over all, I’m loving my scrappy garden!


Now… I think I will paint the coffee table a burnt red colour…and I’ll start looking for a new throw rug and of course new pillows!!


Yup…the new quilt is going to do nicely!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I do love it! I love scrappy and I love 9-patch! I have a scrappy "Gone to Texas" quilt that I use in our RV. Do you go RVing a lot? We love it and usually go to Oregon with it in May because our oldest son lives there and we love it there.

  2. It's a beauty! You did a great job. Encourages me to start using the leader-ender 9-patches I've been making for every so long. I'll add that to my loooooong bucket list. (smile)

  3. it's a beauty Paulette! Can't wait to see it!Bring it to the Clubhouse.

  4. This quilt is a definite keeper. You may have hit a few bumps in the road but in the end you arrived and the view is worth it. Well done :)

  5. You do a great job! Love it! Love the big stitches around the edging... Really makes the quilt.

  6. Love your new quilt. And don't be so hard on yourself about your quilting.. It looks fine to me.

    Isn't it funny tho how something new can lead to more things new - red table, etc. LOL

  7. Very pretty, P. Of course I "am" partial to the 9-patch...

    Tell me, what thread do you use for your big stitches? is it Perle Cotton and if so, what gauge? Curious minds need to know these things.

  8. I love it and dont' be so hard on yourself. The big stitches are such an added bonus.

  9. It looks wonderful, Paulette, and I'm sure it will be very cheerful in the RV. The mix of quilting stitches increases the appeal, I think! Great job. :D

  10. Don't be so hard on yourself, the quilt looks fabulous. And a great addition to your RV.

  11. This Quilt will be just right in the travels you'll take this season. Remember your eyes are closed when under a Quilt...
    They say Practice makes you better.

  12. Love it Paulette, yes those big stitches are nice :)

    Hope you show us some pictures of it in the RV!

  13. Stunning! So lovely! :)
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  14. Cheerful and cozy! Love the border and big stitch quilting. Red or green table...why not!!

  15. It looks wonderful and beautiful stitching, definitely a nice quilt for the trailer and it will make it nice and homey.


  16. It looks great! Congrats on your finish. I'm sure you're going to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.:)

  17. Looks lovely. Scrappy quilts are great, so many memories tied up in them.

  18. It looks lovely Paulette,

    Enjoy your time away this winter and enjoy the warmth of your new quilt.

  19. I think it looks wonderful! You will enjoy it in the cool desert evenings! Hope to see you at the Hemet Guild. I am working on Saturday this year. I will let you know more when it is closer to the date. I am actually entering for the first time this year.

  20. Love it Paulette!! It's so colorful and warm- makes me want to snuggle under it!!(I almost invited myself along on your trip- lol!:)Will be the perfect quilt for your cool evenings!

  21. ¡¡¡¡ como me gusta !!!!
    sera toda un revolución en la nueva decoración
    suena muy bien

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