Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain on the Roof….

For the last two days the weatherman has forecasted rain for the Palm Springs area…and yes we did get a sprinkle here and there…but certainly not the inches that they were predicting…This is a good thing as the roads turn to THIS when it rains…DesertRain

There is a lack of drainage here…but then it almost never rains here so why would they put in drainage?!  They do NEED rain though, as it’s been especially dry on the desert this year.

I personally LOVE hearing the sound of rain on our RV roof!  Makes one feel so warm and cozy and so… at home!!  Ahhh…I better reacquaint myself with that sound as we will be heading for home in less than four weeks!!  Seriously…I can’t wait!  This Snowbirding gig is fun but home is HOME!!  And I hear the snow is melting….right?  RIGHT?

[What the Island got MORE SNOW this weekend?  Rats…we’re going home in four weeks…]

This morning we are off to Palm Spring’s First Sunday of the Month’s Vintage Flea Market…I’ll take my camera…:o)

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching…and stay warm and DRY!!~P


  1. I was just watching the waves in California, we are getting rain and snow again, so no sun here. I do love hearing the rain in a trailer, very soothing.


  2. It is raining in Portland but central Oregon has gotten some much needed snow! Have fun today and we'll compare finds!

  3. As nice as it is to get away for the winter....There is no place like HOME!
    Have fun at the market.

  4. March is coming in like a lion here in Illinois. Hopefully this will be our last cold snap, and we'll gladly sneak back up the thermometer. I'm not done with my inside jobs and ready to transition to outdoor tasks yet. This has been a great winter for quilting in!

  5. I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning on the New Westminster quay and it now raining. It is hovering around 4C but feels colder. March has definitely come in like a lion, let's hope it goes out like a lamb....

  6. Gee-----I think you needed to buy that hand chair----you'd get a lot of comments from neighbors if it was in your front yard--lol! Loved the crock, that was a good find.