Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Magic of Monterey…

Our ‘little house on wheels’ has been plunked down in beautiful Monterey for a few days…the beaches are amazing!! Incredibly beautiful and the sun is shining! 

We are staying at an RV Park right on the dunes…you walk down this trail over the dunes…


and this is what you find~ beautiful spectacular beaches! 


Yup…the pups enjoyed the beach as only dogs can!


After a long walk on the beach we headed for Monterey…and the famous 17 Mile Drive.  The highlight for me was seeing ‘The Lone Cypress’… breathtaking!


For hubby it was seeing Pebble Beach Golf Course up close and personal!


We stumbled on this cottage down on the beach beside Monterey’s waterfront…would this not make the perfect location for a Quilt Shop?  Just LOOK at the roof…it looks like a lovely quilt has been tossed over it! 

patchwork quilt house

Do you see it too?…or does this just reinforce it..I have Quilting on the BRAIN 24-7!  Go ahead and click on this house…I swear it’s a pillowy soft QUILT!!

Hope you enjoyed the sights…no quilting for me…maybe tomorrow!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Great photos, great memories and a wonderful surpise with that quilt topped cottage! Thanks Paulette.

  2. What a gorgeous place to camp, would love that.


  3. The cute little thing looks deserted. How could someone build such a darling thing and leave it???? A quilter HAD to have designed that roof. Wonderful!!

  4. ohh, I want to go back to California! Let's go outside....
    uuggg.... I have snow not sand out there!
    thanks for the moment of great relief!
    take care Leslie

  5. Looks like you are having some great weather, the beach looks great.

  6. It really does look like a quilted roof! lol! Gorgeous views of the ocean too!

  7. I've never been to California and I've always heard the coastline is beautiful. Your pictures confirm that and that they're very different than our beaches here in Florida.

    That house with the quilted roof is cute! What is the roof material? It looks like stone to me but I wasn't sure. Like you, I prefer to think it's a quilted roof!

  8. It's hard to beat the beaches and golf courses in Monterey. My husband's annual retreat is to Pebble Beach, how can I complain when I too love a good retreat, quilt retreat that is. Have Fun.

  9. What an adorable house with the quilted roof!
    Monterey looks lovely.

  10. Thanks so much Paulette. All of your pictures and descriptions of your trip home are wonderful! I haven't been up on the coast for a couple of years. That darling little "quilted roof" is such a shame to be abandoned. I get up every day and run to the computer to see what you have going on next! I hope next year to meet you in Hemet if you come back. Do you come each year? Thanks again.

  11. Gorgeous Photography

    Such scenert !

    Thanks again for inviting us along


  12. What beautiful pictures! I'm sure you're enjoying it all!! And yes, that little cottage would make the perfect quilt shop! That roof is really unique and it does look like a quilt! Thanks for sharing!:)

  13. Hi, thankyou for sharing those pics. Monterey is one of my favorite places in the usa:-) I read your blog every night because your posts always makes me smile. Thank you. Wishing you safe travels:-)

  14. And, the rock that the cypress is growning from, looks like cross hatching or a Pinnapple.

    I think I have quilting on the brain too.

    Thanks for sharring your adventures.I always enjoy your pictures.

  15. Beautiful pictures! How unique is that house! Interesting!