Monday, April 8, 2013

Back Porch Fabrics was MOOOvelous!

Yesterday, after walking the boardwalks and trails along the Monterey beaches…taking in the sights…


..we ventured uptown and stumbled onto ‘Back Porch Fabrics’ where there was a Cow Parade in progress…Now I had heard of this Cow Parade from Blog Follower, Sandi…she has a quilt on display!!  I also got one of the brochures advertising the Cow Parade of quilts…curated by Mary Lou Weidman and Mel B. McFarland. 


These ladies wrote the book, “Out of the Box With Easy Blocks”… where you can find the bare bones pattern for the Cow Quilt.


Mary Lou taught the Cow Quilt class…across the USA and then gathered the finished quilts and brought them to the ‘Back Porch Fabrics Quilt Shop’ for a Quilt Show…Lucky ME…and lucky YOU!!  You get to see the finished projects!  These quilters took that cow pattern and kicked it right out of the pasture!

Pour yourself a glass of milk and ENJOY!



I think I got a picture of all of them!!  Isn’t it incredible how they are all so different and unique! What imaginations!!  There were two ‘Sandys’ in the show but I couldn’t find Sandi’s quilt!  Sandie will help us out here and give us a MOOOout as to which quilt is yours?


Loved Back Porch Fabrics…lovely, bright shop with friendly staff…and they welcomed picture taking!! 


No secret here…it was a MOOvelous shop!


Then before dinner it was a walk down through the dunes to the beach…where I found a baby MOOOn Snail shell!  I left it on this fence post for a special surprise for some lucky beachcomber…but first I just had to take its picture!


It was another picture perfect day in paradise!!

Have a MOOgical MOOOnday and Happy Quilting!  And sew on…P


  1. I love Marylou's patterns and her infectious fun personality, would love to take a class with her.


  2. These were wonderful and hilarious! Loved all the quilty creativity, it moooved me! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing all those sweet cows...brings back memories! Ha

  4. Amazing how each quilt looks so different. These gals certainly have a great imagination. Thanks for taking the photos, and thanks to the quilt shop for allowing you to take the photos. Can't understand why a store would not allow photos. Doubt if any of us will be going to the Prairie Queen Quilt Shop, but would definitely be going to Back Porch Fabrics.

  5. Those "moo" quilts were so cool!! It was amazing how each quilter interpreted the pattern!

  6. How delightful. I would love to participate in something like that in my quilt group. Thanks so mooch for sharing.

  7. Oh my goodness! HOw fun would that be to be part of that little QAL? Thanks for sharing. That was a very fun quilt show.:)

  8. Hi Paulette,

    What a surprise to see your post. I thought you had left. Monterey and were heading off to home after going to San Francisco?

    Imagine my surprise when I saw your post tonight, I didn't look at the computer this morning, just hit the road and we're in crescent Beach.

    Thanks for the lovely photo of my The Cow Jumped Over The Moon quilt. Didn't Mary Lou and Mel put together a great group of quilts? I was so flattered to be invited to participate.

    Some of the cows will go to Chicowgo, also Sisttre and then onto AQS in Ohio this fall.

    Is not Back Porch Fabrics one of the nicest shops.

  9. Hi again,
    There are 22 cow quilts, four in the main room and the other 18 in the adjacent room. I got some wonderful detail pictures of some of the quilts and will post them when I get home. I haven't figured out how to do it from my iPad yet.

    Great pictures of the shop, I forgot to take pictures of it this time. I have a list of the quilts and their creators that I can send to you if you like.

  10. Cowabunga! They are wonderful. I used to use a cow for my label on quilts that said "Cowfully made for you by Lynda".

  11. They are just wonderful. Each one made me smile as I looked at it.