Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Cotton Ball Quilt Shop…

The ‘Cotton Ball Quilt Shop’ is located on main street in stunning Morro Bay, a little North of Pismo Beach.  I have been here before and have always enjoyed a quick little tour while hubby keeps himself busy down at ‘The Rock’!P1220968

The staff really was friendly…honest!  And the shop was beautifully displayed….


Lots of eye candy…but for the modern quilter…darn!


Seems there is a new owner and so the shop has downsized a bit (no upstairs displays) and more of a modern flavour. 


There is still a wee small SALES ROOM in back and in it I found this framed small quilt which was listed for half price.  The sales lady said it was left over from the ‘old’ shop and she knew the owner would sell it for much less…she just didn’t know for how much less…and could I come back next week…so you guessed it.  There was no deal to be made!


I ended up coming out with empty hands…which was just as well!  I wanted to prove to hubby that I really COULD go into a shop and come out without purchasing anything!!  :o)))

So off we went down the road, past the Hearst Castle, to the Sea Lion beach…. Hundreds of young sea lions come up out of the water and just lie there!  No they aren’t sick or dead…once or twice a year they do this…come up onto the beach to rest and molt.  They just lay there and once in awhile flip sand over themselves.  Quite a sight for sure!  They are shedding their fur(hair)…it’s natures way of providing them with a new and better coat!


We toured several small coastal towns before heading back to Pismo Beach where we, of course, walked the beach once again!  We had a wonderful day…until just before dinner the fog rolled in!  But even that was fun…we got to turn on our fireplace…yes, we were snug and warm in our house on wheels…

Hey…I can hear RAIN on the ROOF!!  It’s been awhile since I have heard THAT!!  LOVE that sound!  Now I am really getting homesick!! haha

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Sounds wonderful! And congratulations on getting out of that shop empty handed....I did that once ...LOL!

  2. What a nice place to stop and visit, while you head home, worth a few days of rest and beautiful sites.


  3. It does feel good to tell the husband that you can go into a quilt shop without buying anything, but that's the ONLY good thing about coming out empty handed!:)

  4. You are making me want to back out the RV and head to the beach in NC!

  5. Next Garage Sale on Linden Ave.was announced yesterday - Saturday, April 13 10:30-12:30. Will you be home?

  6. Have you been to Quilting Cousins Quilt Shop in Pismo? It is at 330 Pomeroy Ave. They had lots of 30's prints when I was there last. It is a cute shop too. Enjoy- K-

  7. Well, of course I love the sea lions.

  8. Do they give out free samples on the tour? The modern flair makes it hard to find something to suit my fancy but I sure would try.

  9. Well that's quite a sight with those sea lions - how cool is that. Yes I have also been able to visit a quilt shop and come out empty handed - now that's not something that happens a lot - but yes it can happen lol. Don't you just love the sound of rain - I do. Safe travels and I bet you were stitching by that fire weren't you - sounds perfect.
    Hugs - Karen

  10. Wow...empty handed. I'm surprised! Love those beaches. We've seen those sea lions too. Amazing sight.

  11. It is so beautiful there. We stayed in Grover Beach...stopped at a few quilt shops along the way too. Such fun to visit new shops eh?

  12. How interesting about the seals. Before I read the story I thought they were dead. So glad they are not. Yes it does happen periodically that we can come out of a quilt shop empty handed.

  13. Sometimes that happens- it's always fun to look though. That is interesting about the seals- what great timing for you to see that!:) I love to hear the rain when I'm sleeping! Have a great night!