Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pioneer Quilts…

Our last sleep-over stop is Portland, OR…home to Pioneer Quilts!  This is my second visit to this shop and it continues to get better and better!! 

The sales lady was very apologetic…she said the shop was bare due to the shop having a booth at the NW Quilt Show!  Well it sure didn’t look bare to me!  It looked FANTASTIC!


To the left of the shop…


This baby quilt caught my eye…it’s “Lollie Pop Hill” by Reets’ Rags to Riches.  Loved it…I’m not surprised that this pattern flew off the shelves and is on order!  Way TOO cute!


This quilt was made from Japanese Daiwaibo yarn dyed and print fabrics!  Gorgeous!


I recognized this quilt from Whimsical’s Cabin Fever book…lovely!


The displays in this shop are stunning…and are everywhere!


Look familiar??  It’s JoAnn Mullaly’s “Wool Crazy:!P1230080P1230081P1230082P1230083P1230084

I could have just closed up this suitcase and traveled right out of this shop!! My idea of packing!


I bought the pattern and the fabric for this quilt the last time I was here…GOT TO GET IT DONE!!  LOVE this quilt! (Starry Night by Bonnie Sullivan)


How sweet is this!!  If you have a daughter or a grand-daughter then get busy!!  She would keep this FOREVER!


This quilt was stunning!


I am going to have to stop and show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow…the wifi at the park will blow if I try to post too many pictures!!  Ok…so it won’t blow…but it will take me forever to post…and we are so OUT OF HERE!!  HOME TODAY!!  YAY…

Stay tuned for more of Pioneer Quilting’s fantastic quilts!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I hope I can visit this shop when I am in Portland
    For Spring Market in May!

  2. What lovely shop samples. Looks like a great little quilt shop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had that happen once, at the quilted crow, they took most of the patterns with them. I just noticed that there is a show in Mass and lisa bongean is there, but by the time I can get up, nothing will be left.


  4. Safe drive today, Paulette. C U Soon! Looks like that shop had lots of civil war/kansas troubles fabrics - just when I NEED those fabrics, most of the shops along our way north have gone to moderns!!!!!Now you are curious as to what I am making???? Cheers. Have a good sleep tonight!!!!!

  5. I don't comment every day but I need to tell you how much I have enjoyed the tours you have given us. It has been so great to 'travel' with you. I'll be in Portland this May and I definitely want to add this shop as a destination. thanks and have safe travels.

  6. Pioneer Quilts is one of my faves too. I don't get up there often, but when I do I go crazy!!!! Glad you were able to stop and enjoy it again this year.

  7. Pioneer Quilts is one of my faves too. I don't get up there often, but when I do I go crazy!!!! Glad you were able to stop and enjoy it again this year.

  8. Looks like a fantastic quilt shop! Always love to see how you spend your time traveling homeward. Welcome back!

  9. I'm really like the second to last quilt, great colors and applique. I don't recognize the pattern or designer. Thanks for all quilt store visits in your posts. n

  10. Thanks for another wonderful quilt shop tour. I bought the Stars All Around pattern a few weeks ago and now I'm really inspired to get it done. Since the pattern picture shows mostly reds and greens, I'm hoping for a Christmas finish. Safe travels today, and hopefully, no holdups at the border.

  11. My kinda quilt shop! The baby quilt is so nice... very unique design. And the diawaibo quilt... WOWIE! Heck... everything in that shop is a must have.... including that suitcase full of gorgeous fabrics... oh my...

  12. Welcome home and thanks for the quilt shop tours on the way. Way cheaper to be on this end. ha ha

  13. Ok wow! Now I want to go there really bad! That suitcase.... how did you resist?

  14. Oh! It's a wonderful big quilt shop!
    Sound like fun!
    How I envy you... :))