Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oregon Coast Shop Hop…o

I am happy to report that all the Quilt Shops south of Waldport,OR are all open AND doing business!!

And..did you know, that there is no shortage of Quilt Shops on the Oregon Coast…we found four shops all along the 101without REALLY looking…and they ALL had parking except for one!!  YIPPEE!! (Have I told you how hard it is to park a 32’ 5th wheel!!)

First stop… “Quilters’ Corner”…nice..very nice!  And I met Sandi, a blog follower and her mother!!  How sweet was that!  Always nice to meet quilters who you have ‘talked to’ but never met!  Now I can put a face to Sandi (she made the Cow Jumping Over the Moon Quilt!)


Sandi and her Mom live just outside Vancouver, BC.


Second Stop…Geeze, we couldn’t park the rig.. so FORGET about this one!  :o(


Third Stop was… ‘The Joy of Quilting’…six rooms of fabric…what a JOY!  Need I say more!P1230055P1230056P1230057P1230058P1230059

I got a chuckle out of the sign on their door!! 


And the Fourth and final shop…  Wenz Daze Quilter’s Emporium…I believe this picture says it all!!



This was my favourite Shop…lots of eye candy!


Quilts hanging from the rafters!  Loved it!


Yup…nothing like travelling up the coast of Oregon!  Next stop…Portland, Oregon!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Do you stop at Fabric Depot while in Portland?

  2. Fun...again, there is a the quilt expo that starts on Thursday...I think that Rick, Molly and Ryly need a rest here in can do a quilt store, go hike some and then hit the show in the morning and then head on to Hood River and The Dalles. :o)

  3. Looks like you found some of the same shops I did when we did the Oregon coast. Wenz-Daze had lovely displays, and Joy of Quilting was so bright and friendly, but I dropped the most cash at Forget Me Knots. Lots of lovely embroidery threads, silk and wool and cotton...lovely stitchery patterns, quilting novels. Too bad you were not able to find a place to park, but it seems you made up for it by finding shops to soothe the woes of not stopping at that one. Looking forward to the next leg of the trip.

  4. Be sure to stop at Holly Hills in West Linn before you hit Portland...oh, oh, oh and Pioneer Quilts in Happy Valley!!

  5. When we traveled the OR coast we stopped at those shops. Quilter's Cornor is right around the cornor from husbands cousins house. Love Wenz-Daze. So many shops along the little time and so little money! LOL! I am enjoying your journey back home. As we have traveled that route and I am having many fun memories. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Traveling home is like having Christmas, all over again, lol.


  7. Oh oh oh....are you going thru Tillamook? If so, be sure and stop at Jane's. You will love it!

  8. You sure are having a fun trip home. Pioneer Quilts is a wonderful shop--has more fabrics you like than Holly Hill.

  9. What were the towns that the shops were in in case I get down that way sometime soon. They all looked like fun.
    Thanks, Daisy

  10. Hollyhill quilt shoppe in West Linn is awesome. My favorite when I visit my mom in Tigard.
    Love traveling with you and seeing whats out there!

  11. Paulette it was fun running into you yesterday I thought we might see you later in the day but it didn't happen.

    Did you find quilters cove in Newport today? They have move and at on the same side of the street but in a smaller shop. We got there just before it closed.

    Today we went to B.J.'s Fabrics and Quilts in Cloverdale, down a country road, but you might be able to get the fifth wheel down it and Center Diamond. We ended the day at Fabric Depot and staying just around the corner from Pioneer Quilts.

  12. Dear Sweet P - please do not ever come back to the Oregon coast ... without calling me!! You were mere miles from my house. Oh dear, so sorry to miss you!!

    doni @ Oregon coast