Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sewing Junk…the LOOT…

I know…I know…you have all been waiting with bated breath to see what I bought from Sunday’s Junk Shop Shopping spree…

Yes, I managed to pick up a few bargoons…


Like these old spools of wool thread…


A mini Baby Brother…and it works too!  Just needs a good buffing!


Two old sewing lunch boxes…great for storing buttons, threads…what have you…


I loved this old Borden’s milk jug…


And this old Simplicity tin…


And an old tin wall plaque…complete with a dribble of paint in the left corner…P1220961

I’m happy with my loot and all of it will look great in my sweat shop back home!

Speaking of HOME… we said a final farewell to our friends in the park yesterday…and now it’s time to head ‘er home!  What a great time we’ve had this season…lots of good friends…some new…lots old!  From yoga, to Clubhouse Quilting, to our desert hikes, to all our meals out…some new restaurants..lots old, to our BBQs and pot-lucks, to our girl time walks where we talk faster than we could possible walk…to our shopping and trips to JoAnn’s and of course the Quilt Shops, and Road to California, and Hemet Quilt Show…what a great time!! The list goes on…. So many good times and I will miss them ALL!  Man, I love it down here!  But home is good too…and I can’t wait to get back!

So this morning we will hook up our house on wheels and off we go to Pismo Beach, where we will stay for two or three days and reconnect with the Ocean…then it will be on to Monterey…and up then up the Coast to HOME!

Life doesn’t get any better than this!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


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  2. You got some cute finds paulette. I like the machine a lot.

  3. You really have had a spectacular winter. Your list of activities proves it!!! Won't it be fun to unpack all your treasures to fondle and enjoy them again when you get home?? It seems you have planned a leisurely fun trip home. It's a beautiful drive up the west coast!!!! Enjoy.

  4. Wonderful finds. What a wonderful winter you had and such great memories. Enjoy your trip home and be safe.

  5. Great goodies and they will make a nice arrangement for a sewing theme. I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip, home.


  6. Lovely little treasures. Have a safe trip home.

  7. It was a great time down here. I will miss all the girls at the club house. Can't wait to come back next season and start up where we left off.

    Have a great summer and see you soon.

  8. Have a fun time on your stops and my your travels be safe with beautiful weather to drive.

  9. Wow- what a nice shop with all that sewing junk!:) Looks like you found some nice treasures! Sounds like you had a great winter- what wonderful memories! Enjoy your trip home and safe travels!

  10. Have a wonderful time!!

    Love all your treasures ....the "Singer" lunch boxes are delightful!!!


  11. Well done on the loot and safe travels home and before you know it that new Grand-babe will be here and your life will change forever, all in a good way!

  12. I am so envious of all your wonderful goodies. I wish that I lived closer. I'm still drooling over the pictures of all the sewing machines.

  13. Enjoy your travels to the beach, and stay safe. Home is definitely where the heart is.

  14. The sewing machine.....just perfect! I used to have one of those double handle Singer Sewing containers. Came from Old Time Pottery.

  15. Nice loot, Paulette. Love your new "baby" and the lunch tins. Safe travels to you as you journey back north!

  16. Looks like you managed to glean through the junk to get the best stuff.:) I love old thread spools--lovely. Hope you have a great time at the ocean and a very safe trip home!

  17. I love your little brother sewing machine, very cute.

    I have a couple of bobbins that have thread some that don't. I've wrapped some with velvet ribbon to store it and put it on display.

    I'm leaving tomorrow to head down to Monterey. Maybe we will bump into each other along the road!

    In any case have a safe journey and enjoy the sights.

  18. All too cute. But of course I love the blue machine best. Is it electric?

  19. Thanks for showing me all that is around my town...good grief, I would like to say I spend too much time quilting, but not at the moment.

    Praying for a safe drive home.
    blessings, jill

  20. You made some great purchases, have a safe journey home.

  21. Safe travelling Paulette.
    I love your LOOT!
    Julia ♥

  22. Great bargains! I have those same Singer tins and love them. I collect any Singer memorabilia and have a number of pieces in my Studio
    Sew much Fun!

  23. Love seeing all your treasures! Drive safely and enjoy the scenery!

  24. Looks like such a fun place to visit. Sew many fun finds for you.