Monday, April 15, 2013

Homespun Baskets…

On the weekend, Sandy and I went to another Quilter’s Estate Sale.  When Sandy showed me the package of sweet little Homespun Baskets that she found in one of the bins, I KNEW that I needed to make some of my own to help her with the pattern!  You see, inside the Ziploc bag there were six sweet baskets and enough Homespun to finish off the quilt…but NO PATTERN!

Remember that Sandy is a fairly new quilter and she really needs a pattern…so I generously snatched offered to take two finished baskets home with me so that I could refer to them when I wrote up a pattern for us her!  It’s what friends do…right?


Easy to do…measure and add that scant 1/4” for seams…and done!


Now we she has a pattern to finish off her quilt…

I even put the handle template onto clear plastic so that we she would have an easier time placing the handle.  Such a good friend!  So why do I have TWO handles…?


Ummmm…welllll…I made two just in case Sandy should lose one!  Yah…I thought she needed a back up handle and I will keep it for her and store it in a safe place…with an extra copy of the pattern just in case she should lose the original!   Yup..that’s what good friends do! :o)))

And just to make sure that the instructions are correct I tested them out…

I cut out the templates…P1230139

Then I cut out the fabric…I hadn’t unpacked my rotary cutter so I had to use my paper rotary cutter…what a mess!!  New rule…always use the proper tools!


I could have trimmed this better using my teeth!


Then I pinned on the bias handle and hand appliqued…


And done…! 

Good thing I did a test run…the handle needs to be thinner and placed higher…but all in all, the shape is good!!


So I will tweak the handle pattern and it will be good to go! 

I really NEED to unpack stuff so that doing things like this would be a lot easier!  But when the urge hits…you got to go with it!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That's what friends are for! I feel a song coming on.

  2. Looks great to me. Baskets are so much fun, and you get to use up a lot of fabric from the stash. And what a good friend you are!

  3. I have a pattern that i want to do with baskets like that, but I prefer to make them into appliqués. Love how those came out.


  4. I see unpacking and organizing after your trip was put to the side so you could come to the aid of a friend. Good friend. And what did you purchase at the sale?

  5. Your are an awesome friend! Such sacrifices you make for your friends. . .

  6. Very funny.....isn't that what friends are for....LOL

  7. Very sweet of you. Are you sure you didn't want the pattern for you too? hehe

  8. cute baskets, so glad you helped her, and yourself, grin! it looks like something my grandmother would have made.

  9. What a good friend you are, and with no hidden agenda at! I actually like the handle on your basket better than the other two though.

  10. Very cute, she is really lucky to have such a good friend.

  11. Cute basket! And you are such a gooood friend!! ;-)

  12. Gorgeous baskets!! You know if you wanted to make sure the pattern was really safe I would be happy to look after a second backup copy for you :)