Friday, April 5, 2013

Quiltin’ Cousins

Staying at The Pismo Village RV Park does have it’s advantages…and no I’m not talking about staying RIGHT on the beach, which is WONDERFUL…I’m talking about being able to walk to the small town of Pismo Beach…and to Quiltin’ Cousins Quilt Shop!

Yup, just a 10 minute walk and I was inside this Quilt Shop..Quiltin’ Cousins…  P1220973

This is the front of the shop…long and narrow and the rooms go way back!


The window display was gorgeous…baby quilts and doll quilts!  Very sweet!




The shop was packed with fabric and patterns…there was even WOOL…but at $23 for a Fat Quarter it was too much for this gal! 


I had fun looking but the only thing that came home with me was this copy of Quiltmania! 


I did a quick flip through and found this wool project that I really liked…


And when I got back to the RV and really perused it I stopped at this project…it’s like a BOM in the magazine.  I normal get annoyed at this…it means you have to collect several magazines in sequence to get the whole pattern…which is difficult to do as not many shops carry Quiltmania!  Back home, I know of only ONE store that carries it!

It was the outside border that caught my eye!!  See the hills and houses…I want to move that mauve pillow for a better look!!


EUREKA!!  This month has the pattern for THAT border in the pattern fold out!!  Can’t you picture a wool penny made out of this pattern of hills and houses?  OR a Christmas Village around a tree skirt?  OR you could put this border around ANY quilt…plain squares, snowball patches, log cabins…CAN YOU SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS? 


Yup…this is my kind of town!!  Maybe blue squares in the middle to represent water…with the the town going around…just like Pismo Beach!


But alas…today we say good-bye to Pismo Beach and are off to Monterey, another seaside city!  This time our RV Park is nestled right up to the dunes and the beach!  You are going to love it!  Hope to see you there!!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The border on that quilt is so sweet, and you're right, it would be fabulous in wool. I know Bolen Books in Hillside Mall carries Quiltmania and I've also seen it in Tanners Books in Sidney. Have a wonderful time in Monterey, I'm sure you will find a quilt store there. Maybe even two.

  2. I'll definitely be checking in. The border pattern is a great find. I know you'll do something terrific with it!!

  3. I think you should plan on stopping at In Between Stitches in Livermore on your way home Paulette. You will not be disappointed! If you come on Monday, when I'm there, I'll make it worth you while with a free something......I don't know what, but I'll think of something!

  4. Wonderful shop and that issue looks like a good one, will have to check it out, next time I hit a store.


  5. What a lovely little shop. I do like the pattern in Quiltmania.

  6. I agree, the BOM type quilt projects in magazines are mostly annoying. Glad you got the info. you wanted in the magazine you purchased!

  7. Hi Paulette,

    I love Sisters quilt shop in Pismo Beach, always so enthusiastic about what they have to share.

    I'm in Yuba City and heading over to Monterey tomorrow, maybe we will cross paths. Enjoy your visit if we don't see each other,

    Your weather looks great, we had rain from Portland to Medfored most of yesterday.