Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thrifting and MORE!

Yesterday I went thrifting with the ‘girls’!  What fun!!  Thought you’d like to see some of the stuff that did and didn’t come home with me!

Nope…I didn’t buy this old ironing board…although I sure wanted to!  It flips back and turns into a step ladder/chair!  A real vintage find and for only $24 it was a bargoon! It brought back some childhood memories for me, as my best friend’s had one of these sitting in a corner of their kitchen!  (One day we took it outside as we were going to use it as a spring board to jump into her wading pool…we got busted before we could take the plunge…or get busted ourselves!)


Can’t you see this floating over a little girl’s bed?  She would either love it or grow up with some serious issues regarding angels and tulle!  YIKES!  What a dust collector!!


Love this sweet table…but didn’t buy it!


Cute but it didn’t do it for me….


Then there was this patchwork clock…WHAT??  A patchwork CLOCK??.

Yup you read that right…how could I pass this one up?  I mean really, what quilter wouldn’t  love to own this?!…and for less than $3!  She came home with me…and will look great in my sewing room!


And then there was THIS!! Ok…I read your thoughts…not anther chicken…but seriously can you REALLY have enough chickens?


See…the joy of thrifting is you just NEVER know what will be following you home!

And then you just don’t know what will be waiting for you when you do get home…


Remember I wrote about Melvina’s sale over at Hollyhock Hills Designs…LESS than a week ago!!  Well lookie at what that cute UPS man brought! Wool…lovely wool!!


I concentrated on buying off the bolt, light coloured wools so that I could do some dyeing!!  I am loving this wool!!  Melvina’s regular price is less than HALF what other shops sell it for!!  Got to love that!!  I see that Melvina’s been busy as Hollyhock Hills Designs has a whole NEW batch of hand dyed wools at those CRAZY good prices and wonderful colours!!  Sheesh…don’t look…don’t GO OVER THERE!!

This morning the ‘girls’ and I are off Garage Saling…with a stop at JoAnn’s…and of course we have a fist full of coupons!  Yeeehaw!

Good thing Hubby and I had a Friday night ‘date’ or he’d forget what I looked like!!:o) 

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That ironing board/step-stool just reminded me that I have one of those in the garage. My dad made it for me in the 1980's - it looks like it was made from the same pattern. I must bring it in and set it up. Now that I have a sewing room, I finally have room for it! I love garage sales too, except now I am starting to declutter I have to resist.

  2. I would have been tempted to get that ironing board, really good price and would make a nice piece to decorate with.


  3. I too have one the iron boards that I love and when not in use as an ironing board the chair seat is a feeding platform for the cats (keeps the dogs out of their food). Thanks for the great tip on Holly Hock Hill wools they are great. (I have learned lots of bad things from your blogs...the sheep pin lady in BC, patterns etc and you are not even selling anything!).

  4. I've wanted one of those ironing board/stools for years, even more so now that I have taller kitchen cabinets and Grand-toddlers who want to help in the kitchen. Wonder what it would cost to have that baby shipped to me?!?!?!?