Monday, February 18, 2013

The END of the Hemet QS 2013…

Yup…Sandy and I are still here…hanging out at the Hemet Quilt Show and what a show it was!!  Magnificent quilts…truly one of my favourite all time quilt shows!  The quilters REALLY outdid themselves!

I have never seen so many beautifully appliqued quilts…


And there were wool quilts too…Like the Garden Quilt from Heart to Hand…LOVE this quilt…and yes, it is on my ‘To Do List’…along with the Heart to Home Quilt! 


I took tons of pictures of this quilt…which I will share at another time.


OK…just one more picture…LOVED the quilting on this quilt!!  A cross hatch in the middle of each block, surrounded with different sized circles!!  The quilter won a major prize for her quilting…as she should have!  Amazing!!


A lovely double wedding different shades of greys and red/pinks.  Loved the colours of the flying geese border and the flower trim just softens the whole thing up!  Very well thought out and executed beautifully… and so different! 


A bit of whimsy…very sweet…and beautifully made using lots of homespuns!


How adorable is this!P1220328

A scrap happy daisy quilt…


‘Life is Beautiful’ is designed by Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses.  It was a thrill to see this one made up…beautifully done too!


Very sweet with all the life inspiring quotes hand stitched onto the quilt.


Such a wonderful feel good quilt!


This was areal jaw dropper!  Stopped me in my tracks with this one! 



We need to zoom in…


…for  close-up!!  Yup…perfect!


I also loved this quilt…a patriot quilt that wasn’t…if you know what I mean!


There was a bit of a discussion surrounding this gorgeous quilt…do you think the quilter did the top row like this intentionally or was it an accident?  Regardless, it was stunning!



I stared at this quilt for a LOOOONNNNNGGG time and drooled!!  Amazing…incredible…beautiful!!


The diamonds had all been fussy cut…and some were left plain to let the other stars shine!  Loved this quilt! It was called ‘Star Garden’ and it really was that!!


And look at the sweet antique buggy…looks like it belongs with this quilt!


Oh how I love a red and white quilt and this one was stunning!


And beautifully hand quilted!


Loved this one too!!  See I told you the quilts were gorgeous at this Show!


This quilt was a lot bigger than it looks here…beautifully embroidered around the huge star.


A lovely kaleidoscope…and notice the nine patch cornerstone sashing!  Loved that touch!


Another sweet one…


I have always wanted to make a tree quilt like this one…wonderful…and look at the checkerboard border!  TREEmendous!


And I loved the simple beauty of this nine patch…sigh…


I wish you could see the quilting…perfect!


A wee patriotic star quilt…


…with loops and stars quilting!


Sandy and I had such fun!  Would you believe we spent FIVE hours at the show…make that Five FANTASTIC hours…before it was time to head for the hills.  We had planned on hitting Hemet’s JoAnn’s store…but we were just too darn tired so she will have to wait for another day!


Thought you’d like to see some of my loot…I concentrated on homespuns and shirting…


Yummy hey?


Some great patterns at a $1 each!


Five or six books and several magazines, which I forgot to take pictures of!

Look at what was rolled up with a piece of painter’s tape…and marked ‘Triangle $1.00’.  I could see a little bit of a basket on the roll so I took a chance and EUREKA!!  SCORE!


It was marked ‘triangle’ because it was the triangle corner to an unfinished quilt top…(MORE on this later…:)


And I bought this sweet stitchery kit at the Simply Put booth at the vendors market.


Sandy was the BIG spender on this trip…remember the FULL back seat in my truck…mostly hers! 

So there you have it…another great Hemet Quilt Show!  Thank you Hemet Quilters for putting on yet another OUTSTANDING show!

Same time next year?  You bet!!  Thelma and Louise WILL be back for another quilting adventure in 2014!

Speaking of Quilting Adventures…The Sands RV Park is having a quilt Show of their own…yes…that’s US!!  Good thing they are letting us show our ‘Works in Progress’…I seem to have a lot of those!! :o)  This SHOW is for the Quilters and the Crafts People at our Resort…so if you are in the area, come on over…lots to see…it’s from 11am till 4pm.  Be there or be square!

Have a magical Monday, a perfect President’s Day and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Hey Paulette!! What a great show!! And quite the loot you found.... our CVHQ silent auction is this morning, maybe I'll find some treasures.
    ps, you need to add the date of your Sands Show.

  2. A lot of beautiful quilts and ones I would love to make and you really got some nice selections for your stash.


  3. Sure wish I could have seen the Hemet Quilt Show and am sorry to have to miss the Sands Show. So happy to hear you are having so much fun and getting so much shopping done!!!! You go Girl...................

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics of the quilt show. Beautiful quilts!

  5. Thanks for sharing! It's so wonderful to see other people's work! Beautiful!

    Cheery wave!


  6. Not only did Sandy get some good loot, looks like you did yourself proud too, Paulette. LOL

    Thank you for taking us to the Hemet quilt show. I enjoyed every pic you shared.

  7. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Those were amazing quilts. I loved them all. I want them all.

  8. What fabulous quilt, thanks so the fabrics that came home with you.

  9. Every year you show pics from this show and every year I swear that NEXT year I'll get out to Hemet for this show - the work of this guild is wonderful!